How To Create a Resume for a Nanny

Nanny at work

Being a nanny requires specific skills. Obviously, working with children is not that easy. You need to love them to be able to take care of them properly. You also need to know the tricks to be able to address their exacting demands. Now, if you don’t want your future employer to miss knowing about your qualifications, here are some practical suggestions on how to make your resume well-written and notable: 

1.    Prominently position your name in your resume. Put it on the top portion of the page. You want your employer to read and remember it. Use an appropriate font. Make it large and easy to read. Pair your name with your contact details. Indicate your complete address, your phone numbers (both landline and cellular), and your personal email.

2.    Indicate your job objective. Below your personal circumstances, place your job objective. Of course, it should highlight your intention to be hired as a nanny. You may opt to construct a complete sentence to signify your job objective or you may want to phrase it succinctly or you may simply out the word “Nanny”. Experts on resume-writing recommend making your job objective left-aligned.

3.    Emphasize your professional experiences. Under your job objective should be the listing of your professional engagements. Stick to those experiences directly related to being a nanny. It would also be wise to include your babysitting stints and your special trainings in child care.

It would also be useful to put your former employers’ names and contact details. Mentioning them would add on to your résumé’s overall credibility. Name-dropping may even impress your future employer, particularly if had the chance to serve big-named clients.

4.    Enumerate your skills and capabilities. Create a segment to highlight them. Try to use words or phrases that your future employers would easily recognize. For example, point out something like “works well with kids”, “very organized”, “plans weekend activities”, or “knows how to tutor children”. Use bullets to bring to light your capabilities. It would be to your advantage if you short list your salient skills and focus on those that are relevant to your current target employers.

If you had been a caregiver, it would be impressive to mention it, too. Specify your achievements. Your employer would be pleased to find out about how your caregiving abilities.

5.    Close your resume with your educational attainment. This would support your earlier indications about your skills and experiences. This would also frame and vouch for your formal trainings. Don’t forget to detail your courses and degrees. Attach the corresponding photocopies of your certificates and diplomas, whenever necessary.

Again, outlining our resume is going to make it appear more professional and remarkable. Be cautious and conscious of the details that you include. Remember, you would eventually be asked to explain about them. So, fabricating stuff or lying could readily sensed or discovered during the actual interview. Be truthful. In the end, it could guarantee your hiring since your employer would be looking for something trustworthy enough to take care of their children in their absence.


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