How To Create a Statement of Qualifications

As its name implies, SOQ or Statement of Qualifications details the reason why a company or individual is qualified for a project or a job. SOQ can be as simple as a two-sentence paragraph or can be as detailed as you can imagine. The point is, SOQ should describe how you or your company is qualified for the job. Keep that in mind when creating a statement of qualifications.


SOQs of individuals are usually listed along with the resume. This is more applicable also if you are an independent and freelance worker. The SOQ will be the part where you will answer the question, “How qualified are you for the position/project.” To create an effective SOQ, follow the tips below:

  • Separate the SOQ from the resume. This should have its own paper or at least, own section.
  • Focus on your qualities that make you qualify for the job. You may have studied a lot or have developed many skills. All of these will not matter that much if they cannot be helpful for doing the job well. Focus only on your skills and qualities that make you the best person for the job.
  • Keep it simple but meaty. You don’t want to bore your prospect employer by elaborating on your skills and finished degrees. All of these are already detailed in the resume, so, you don’t have to state them again. Instead, keep only the simplest and the most essential qualities that you can offer the employer.

Compared to company SOQ, the SOQ for individuals are less complicated and less important. The purpose of this is the same, though.


As mentioned, SOQs of companies are more important than the SOQs of individuals. That is why for companies, they make their statement of qualifications more detailed. Creating an SOQ for a company will be easier by following the tips below:

  • Consider the nature of the project when making an SOQ. Not all projects are the same in terms of their needed company experience. Think about the nature of the project and compile the company’s past projects that will prove your competency. For instance, if you will be bidding for a resort project, then detail those resort projects you made in the past.
  • Describe how each of the company’s experience makes you more qualified for the project. Be more objective when describing. Instead of saying that you are using high-quality materials, state the specific brands. The brands can already speak for themselves. Instead of saying that your company helped the client make more sales, say in the SOQ how much the increase was.
  • Talk about the competitive key personnel, as well. A project will never be successful if not with the help of a group of competitive people. Describe each key personnel and how he or she can make the company more qualified for the project.
  • Make a general SOQ for the company. You should always be ready in case a client will ask for the company’s SOQ. The company’s general SOQ should focus on its specialties in the market. These are the things that keep the company apart from other competing companies.

Whether you will be making an individual or company SOQ, what is important is that you will be as honest as possible. The clients have their own ways to check your qualification. It will be a full blow to your credibility if you are found to be lying on the SOQ.

Don’t forget to update the SOQ also. Improvements are always happening and it’s best to take note of these whether or not you have to submit an SOQ.


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