How To Create Effective Work Habits

One of the best goals to have is to create effective work habits, and your interest in wanting to find out how to achieve this is a major positive step already. So if you want to be more effective at work, here are some tips to help you out:

1.    Have proper motivation. With most resolutions, a major deciding factor to your success is a healthy motivation. It’s best that you have a good and constructive reason that will truly push you to succeed. And your motivation shouldn’t be about what others think, or about “proving yourself” to others. Try to be motivated instead to be the best person that you could be.

2.    Practice time management. The chunk of having effective work habits has something to do with time management. Think of it this way: time is even more valuable than money, since you can earn back money even if you lose it, but you can never take back wasted time.  There are many methods for effective time management; it’s really a matter of finding out what works best for you based on your personality, your type of job, and your preferences. It isn’t any good to lay out a time management plan and then just give it up soon after because it doesn’t suit you.

Effectively managing your time can start simply by having the right tools where you can take note of your deadlines and responsibilities. Then, you could visualize how long it will take for you accomplish your tasks and plan your schedule accordingly. The whole point to this is that you’d have better control of your work time, and there’d be fewer chances of you missing deadlines.

3.    Don’t hesitate to break your tasks into chunks. This is related to tip number 2. Many people have a tendency to want to do their tasks in one sitting, usually the day right before it is due. It’s really time to take a different perspective - got an extra 30 minutes on your hands? Check your task list to see which tasks you’ve got pending, and experiment how much you’d be able to accomplish in that short amount of time.

4.    Have a role model and mentor. It’s a great idea to have someone at your workplace who understands your work situation and will know how to guide you to get where you want to be. This person will have to be someone you look up to and who is very effective at work. Ask guidance from that person; chances are, he’d only be too happy and flattered that you’d ask his help.

5.    Resolve to have work-life balance. Just because you’re bent on being more effective at work doesn’t mean you’d neglect your personal life. In fact, having a life outside of work gives you motivation to do better at your profession. And again, practice proper time management so you’d have time to balance both

6.    Be consistent. Habits form when they are done consistently for about 3 weeks. Be disciplined about adopting effective workplace techniques and you’d find that you’d start doing them automatically.

There you have it! These are highly doable ways for you to start creating effective work habits. Remember, it all starts with the proper motivation, and the consistency to carry it through! Good luck!


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