How To Deal with a Co-Worker that is Making Your Life Miserable

Having a co-worker that makes your work life miserable is sometimes inevitable. No matter how much you strive to have a perfect relationship with your co-workers, there will always be someone who is going to downbeat you.

Perhaps you are too smart for them and they want to be like you but just can’t. Perhaps you have more impressive credentials, skills and experiences. Or perhaps you are just so charming and pretty they are jealous of your pretty eyes, sweet smile and even the way you walk.

But you do not want to be miserable all your life just because of a co-worker. So now you decide that by hook or by crook, you will deal with this problem.

According to the fox in the classic novel “The Little Prince”, friendship does not occur overnight. You have to work at it to deserve it. At first, you may seem far from each other but each day the distance becomes shorter as you draw closer to the other person.

“But she hates me”, you may reason out. Yet did you know that there is a fine line between hate and love and that hate is in fact, love? Hence, there is hope you can tame the co-worker who is making your life miserable.

First, find out what is making your co-worker mad at you. You can do this by observing his or her behavior in your work place. It is easy to tell because like fish, jealous persons are usually caught with their mouth.

Second, don’t make the mistake of feeding your co-worker’s jealousy. If you believe he or she is jealous because your boss always praises you in meetings, try to make a way for the boss to pay attention to your co-worker as well.

Third, start with simply greeting him or her every day. Never mind if your greeting is not returned. Soon enough, your little “hi” will be appreciated one way or the other.

Fourth, try to find a way for you to be team mates in certain projects. By this, you might be able to build rapport with one another through constant company and interaction.

Fifth, try to sit down and have chit-chat during breaks or after office hours. You may start by joining his or her group or by approaching him or her when alone.

Sixth, give compliments for her work. But if you think there is nothing praiseworthy about her work, seal your lips. Praising just for the sake of it may be obvious and only cause trouble.

Seventh, do not brag about your resume if you know it is the reason of your co-worker’s insecurity towards you.

But brace yourself. Even your sweet smiles and friendly gestures may be taken in the wrong context. If this is the case, don’t force the friendship. Just be yourself, do your work and don’t let your enemy ever affect your performance. Friendship will bloom when it’s really meant to be.


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You are can't force yourself on everyone. But if the situation poisons you, find another job or ask to be moved to another office. Hopefully, the distance will bring things into perspective.

By Mary Norton