How To Deal with Bossy People on Your Job

Bossy people wish to control things around them. They want everything to happen as they see it fit. Intimidation is definitely one of their primary tricks. And if you intend to confront them or if you plan to go against their whims, expect trouble to take place. Here are some ways on how you can effectively deal with bossy people, particularly if they directly mess up your job:

  • Understand their behavior. Try to figure out what prompts them to behave in such a manner. Perhaps, if you just look deeply into the situation, you may see that they really mean well. They may have opted to push you to do something because a deadline needs to be met or a project has to be accomplished soon. They may have required you to give more because your extra effort is going to benefit everybody. Of course, if you simply zero in on how they approached you, hitches may inevitably ensue. And if you put yourself into their shoes, you may also end up resorting to what they did to you. Empathize with them. Give them the chance to prove their true intentions.
  • Don’t take things personally. Sometimes, people opt to be bossy because they want to raise work standards. They expect other people like you to do better than your usual best. They believe that if everybody is on their toes, goals are effectively carried out and targets are readily exceeded. So, taking things personally may not really help you do your job well.
  • Show and prove to them that you are a go-getter. You have to win their trust. You have to find ways to convince them that their being bossy is not fit for you. You have to make them realize that for tasks to be completed, all they have to do is to talk to you. However, if they require you to deliver things that are beyond your means and abilities, be frank with them. Explain your limitations and aim for a compromise. You may even ask for assistance, if necessary. This approach sets things straight and allows those bossy people to respect you and the way you perform your duties and responsibilities.
  • Befriend them. Keeping away from bossy people is not really a good strategy. For one, it is very temporary. They can always find ways to force you to be with them. And if they get to sense your plan of keeping distance from them, they may even ploy something just to irk you. So, change your perspective. Start building friendship. Befriending them doesn’t mean being too chummy or too close with them. You just have to develop the rapport. If they get to feel that you are a friend, they may choose to be mellow the next time they talk to you and ask for a favor.

However, when bossy people already become abusive, you may need to say your side. Be very objective, tactful, and professional. You have to explain things without losing your character and dignity. Argue with sense and respect.


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