How To Deal with Bullying at Work

Someone who terrorizes you at work affects you in several ways. You no longer want to go to the office, you can't finish your tasks properly, and sometimes you avoid other people because they are with the one who is bullying you.

There are those who bully other people because they have been bullied themselves. Others just enjoy the feeling of power over other people. Whatever the reasons may be, it is still up to you to make it stop. Here are methods you can use when trying to stop a bully.

  • Avoidance. Try to avoid talking to the bully unless you really have to. Make sure to be discreet when avoiding him, otherwise he will just find ways to talk to you and bully you more often.
  • Confrontation. Confront a bully like any grown up man. Do not resort to doing pranks or games in order get your revenge. Be professional, and ask him to stop doing things that you both know are childish. Try to reason with him and find a way to settle his issue with you.
  • Set a good example. Treating the bully and all your other colleagues with respect will set a good example, especially to the one who is mean to you. Make him realize that you are a decent person, and that you do not deserve to be treated the way he is treating you. Having self-respect is also important. If you treat yourself with respect, it will teach others to treat you with respect as well.
  • Stand your ground. Sometimes the reason why someone is being bullied is because he is an easy target. The bully knows that this person would never fight back or cannot defend himself, and that is why he chooses to bully that person. Show a bully that you are not an easy target. Of course, avoid going down to his level to prove your point. Ignoring or just giving him a blank stare or a poker face can also discourage a bully.
  • Surround yourself with good company. Sometimes standing your ground against a bully isn't enough. A bully knows that you wouldn't go down to his level, giving him nothing to be afraid of. If you surround yourself with friends and colleagues who respect you, the bully will have a harder time getting to you.
  • Inform or talk to someone who has authority. If the bully is one of your teammates or is in the same level or department as you, you can report your concern to your supervisor. Tell your supervisor about the situation and ask for a way to resolve it. If the bully is your supervisor, you can go directly to his manager and report it. Try to be clear about the things that you want to change, and make sure that you have witnesses for the incidents that you are going to mention, and that they are going to stand by your side.

Be brave, and never let a bully get into your head. Always remember that you did not do anything to deserve such treatment and that you did your best to make it stop.


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