How To Deal with Depression After Losing a Job

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Losing one’s job is at the top list of the causes of depression among adults, and we all know that at this time, there are more cases of unemployment than in recent years. If you’ve recently lost your job and you feel that you’re facing depression, here are some ways to help you deal: 

1.    Acknowledge your situation. First of all, it doesn’t do to deny your feelings. You have every right to feel sad at this time. At the same time, however, don’t let yourself wallow in this situation for long. Remember that this is just a season, and you’d be able to rise above this before you know it.

Do consider seeking professional help if you feel the need to do so. Inquire about natural remedies for depression, as well as other types of medication.

2.    List down things you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time to do before. It could be as simple as learning how to cook, taking up jazz dance lessons, or fixing your books and creating a systematic library at home. This is an opportunity to do all these things. Fill up your days with constructive activities and you’d likely see this time as one of the most productive periods of your life.

3.    Exercise. Keeping your body moving is great not just for your physical well-being, but exercise also helps promote good feelings and emotions. Wake up early as you used to, but this time, wear your jogging outfit and jog around the neighborhood. You might not have a job for now, but boy, you’ve never been this fit and healthy in ages!

4.    Network with friends. Again, this is the time to catch up with your friends. Hang out with them and let them know of your situation. Many experts say that one of the best ways to find a new job is if somebody already in that company recommends you. Plus, experience the absolute freedom of enjoying the night away without having to worry about waking up early the next day!

5.    Make looking for a new job your job for the meantime. Experts recommend that your hunt for your next job should be your new occupation. Think of this as your new 9 to 5. Utilize job hunt sites, network (see number 4), send e-mails to companies that you’ve always dreamed of working in.

6.    Consider using your hobbies as a way of earning income for the meantime. If you’re good at baking, consider baking cakes and pastries to sell. If you love dogs, set up a temporary dog-walking service. The opportunities are endless.

7.    Enlist your family’s help. At this time, the whole family should understand your situation. They should know that this is just a season that you’re all going through, and that you will soon pull through this together. For the meantime, brainstorm of ways that you could augment your family’s income, and which areas of your budget you could adjust.  This would also be a time of deepened family bonding, so even if you’re jobless for the time being, having a tighter-knit family because of it is certainly worth it.

The key to dealing with depression is to fill your time with many productive activities, and to surround yourself with people who love you. Before long, this season in your life will be over, and here’s to hoping that your period of joblessness will be something you’d actually look back on with fond memories.


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