How To Deal with Tardy Employees

When you are running a business, tardy employees are among the problems that you need to deal with. With a business that pays by the hour, tardiness can detract from the over-all productivity not only of the individual employee, but of the rest of the company as well. Here’s how you can deal with tardiness in the workplace.

  1. Ask. Instead of waiting for the number of times that an employee has been tardy to pile up, ask all employees immediately once they come to work late, especially if it more than fifteen minutes. a ten or fifteen minute grace period every now and then is perfectly reasonable, especially since employees are not immune to traffic and the occasional difficulty in getting up in the morning. But by asking the employees about why they are tardy each time they come in late, you will be instilling the idea that you do not like tardiness and that you do notice it. If the employee has a good track record of coming on time in the past, though, do not be too strict the first time around since it may have been due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  2. Action plan. If there is an employee who is consistently tardy, do not simply ask him why he is late for work, but what plan the employee can take to get to work early. Give him a few minutes or a few hours to think up of a plan, and then get back to the employee. Listen to the plan and if it sounds feasible, let him know that you expect him to implement the plan and that you expect him to come to  work on time from now on especially considering that he already has a plan to help him get to work on time.
  3. List. Monitoring tardiness is a great way to keep your employees on their toes. There are plenty of ways to monitor the employees. If you are a small business, you can simply watch them come in and note the time when the employees start arriving. List down all of the employees how have been late for more than ten minutes, or those who are frequently late and talk to them. If you have a large company, on the other hand, you should try adding a Bundy clock that will record the time when your employees log in for work.
  4. Memos. Give memos to employees who continue to keep coming to work late. The memo should also give the employee the message that there will be disciplinary actions to be met if he continues to come to work late. Also add in a few lines about how the company is paying each employee by the hour, and how the company is losing productivity because of tardiness. If you do not have disciplinary actions for late or uncooperative employees, start drafting one to be implemented on the late employees.

If the employee continues to disregard the memos and comes to work late, the only other choice will be to fire the employee on grounds of tardiness.


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