How To Decline a Job Interview

Getting the right job is important in ensuring that you will have a stable source of income while being kept happy and contented with what you do on a daily basis. Your initial step is a job interview. No matter how you desire for things to go smoothly, there are factors that can suddenly come up. Here are some things to consider before deciding to decline a job interview.

  1. Get more evidence. You have bagged an interview with the company that you think can provide you with acceptable compensations but an unexpected meeting with a friend brings negative details like poor working conditions and unreasonable work schedules into the scenario. Before you allow such information to bring you down and look for greener pastures take some time off to search over the Internet regarding the company’s profile.
  2. Relax, reflect, and contemplate. Based on the search that you have done and the details that other people have provided think deeper and weigh your options. List down the pros and cons of attending the interview. You might end up thinking that there’s no harm in going.
  3. Open up. When you do plan to go to the interview bring with you a bunch of positive thinking. Be open to the things that you can learn. The end of the tunnel may either be a green meadow full of blossoming flowers or a nasty sewage full of rats. Either way, you have gained better perspective. Treat this as a learning experience that you can utilize in your search for a better position.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask. Take advantage of the situation and ask all the stuff that bothered you in the first place. Clarify and validate the accuracy of the information that nearly made you withdraw from the interview. Use information on company policies and guidelines to come up with a better decision. It’s important to get full understanding of the working conditions and benefits if you plan to move forward.
  5. Appropriate feedback shows class. Regardless of how the interview concluded you will show great character by dishing out the proper gratitude for the person who took time to accommodate you. This classy act might turn out to be a good move for your future career exploits.
  6. Inform the person concerned. Once you’ve decided not to push through with the interview take some time off to directly call your company contact. Make sure that you execute the call in a direct and polite manner.
  7. There are other ways. If something turns up or you’re too caught up in a busy schedule that a call is not possible you are still obliged to act accordingly. Compose an email that will clear things out with the company. You also have the option of reaching out to the company via a voice mail.

Hearsay reasons are not adequate for you to turn down a job interview. You must understand that this is not a job offer. Explore the possibilities. Never pass up a chance to make a difference in your professional life.


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