How To Decorate a Home Office in Old World Style

Old World is a style that can really make any space look elegant. Weathered walls in soft tones add a warm touch to any space. Old World design is a more traditional look, and looks age. Traditionally, it mixes both feminine and masculine qualities through arched windows and metal and wrought iron accents. In contemporary interior design, it is predominantly masculine. If you are looking for a great design for your home office, consider adopting an Old World style. It is a fusion of the classic and the contemporary, making any room look elegant. Most people think that an Old World style would take too much work and too much money to pull off. However, when done with a few tips in mind, it can be done cheaply with ease.

Here are a few simple tips on how to decorate a home office in Old World style:

  1. Old World style furnishings can be quite expensive. Furthermore, they can be quite hard to find, as these are usually periods and antiques. You can compensate by looking at flea markets to find antique-looking pieces, which mimic the design of Old World style furnishings. Just remember the general characteristics of Old World furniture. Look for chairs with straight backs, made in heavy wood. They usually have some detail carved in the back. Carving is one of the characteristics of Old World furniture. It is present even in tables.
  2. Update an Old World style table so you can use it in a contemporary setting. You can easily install a keyboard tray in your Old World table to update its use. Simply take two brackets to fit into the underside of the table. Screw them on tightly. Make sure that the brackets are big enough and wide enough to hold your keyboard tray. Next, take a keyboard tray either brand new or from an old computer table, and simply slide it in.
  3. For the color palette of the room, choose colors that are typically used in Old World. These are usually warm and soft colors. This gives the room a warm, cozy feel. Colors that work well in Old World design are cream, green, navy blue, burgundy, brown, or metallic colors such as gold and silver. Dark wood can also work well for this. Remember that when painting the walls, you want to give it a distressed look. The point of Old World design is to make everything look aged and worn out.
  4. Use various accent pieces to further add an Old World feel to your home office. Stone sculptures work best for this. Any big furniture, which brings to mind the Renaissance, will work well. Floor to ceiling shelves in dark wood and are arched can also work well. You can also choose to add some tapestry in velvet or leather. This is also a feature of old world design.

These simple tips will help you get that Old World style in your home office without having to break the bank.


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