How To Develop a Telemarketing Script for Setting Appointments

One of the most important things in any business is having the same voice. You don't need to take a chance on having many employees giving out possibly erroneous information. And so, you want them to speak the same words. Build a solid telemarketing script for setting appointments as if your customer is walking in the door and getting all the information they need, from the very first "hello!"

Your Telemarketers must know, even though they are on the phone, and not in person, they must act as if they are facing the customer. It does not matter if the last customer was a genuine headache, if they are facing 8 hours of work with a 10 hour toothache, they have to smile. A smile is always reflected in the voice. One suggestion, is to put a little mirror in front of them.

You certainly don't want them saying a generic "hello", nor do you want this to be too lengthy. If they are placing the calls, they will need a "catch" or "hook", to jump the interest of the client. If the client is calling your office, cut the sales pitch and answer with the generic, "thank you for calling The X Company. May I set an appointment time for you?"

Once past that, you still need them to speak the identical words. On the side of the main body of the script, you should have Frequently Asked Questions, with short snippets of information. This way, not much time is spent, but you can still garner the names and contacts you wish.

As they ask for the first name, they should spell that back to the customer, saying "that was T, as in Tom, I as in India, and M as in Mother, correct?" This way, your telemarketer didn't write KIM instead of TIM. Your sales person won't sound foolish calling on the customer, with the incorrect name. The same verification, should be used with addresses, and telephone numbers.

Appointments, should be offered morning, afternoon, or evening. Day of the week, and time will follow this.

At the conclusion of the call, the client should be thanked in a warm manner for calling or being allowed to be contacted by your company. This should be in the form of verifying again. IE: we want to Thank You Mrs Smith, for contacting our company. Mr America, one of our best and informative salesmen, will meet with you at (fill in the address), on (fill in the time).

Always end with a cordial, "have a great day, and we're looking forward to helping you."

The customer will feel as though they've been helped in a singular fashion, instead of being met by a large, cold, corporation, that has no feeling for them and their hard earned monies.


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