How To Do Medical Billing without Going to School

Interested in becoming a medical biller? A medical biller earns an average annual income of $31,768, plus medical billing is a relatively stable career. If you feel that you want to try out medical billing as a career, but you can't afford to go to school for the training, here are some steps that you could take:

Know what medical billing is all about. In simplest terms, medical billing refers to the task of following up with insurance companies in order for physicians and other health care professionals to receive their payments. Medical billing is effectively the business side of the medical profession, and it is a complex procedure that involves thorough knowledge of insurance policies and health care plans, negotiation and constant communication with insurance companies, and the ability to analyze and organize payment systems, records and routines of hospitals.

Volunteer at hospitals and other medical institutions. To help you gain entrance into hospitals, you can start out as a volunteer or as a part-time employee. Look for hospitals near your area that accepts volunteers to do office work and desk jobs. The value of doing this is that you can get insider information on the billing processes of that hospital. You'd also be able to familiarize yourself with their record and filing systems. With enough skill and perseverance, you'd be able to make yourself a veritable expert on hospital procedures that you'd be an asset to the institution.

Apply at insurance companies. Another way of going about your self-training is by working at major insurance companies. This way, you'd be able to learn about procedures for claiming policies, as well as guidelines on insurance coverage.

Have a mentor. It's very important that you get to know somebody who works as a medical biller at a hospital, so you would know more about the detailed procedures of medical billing. Volunteer to help him out with manual tasks such as typing, or organizing hard copies of receipts and contacting insurance company personnel.

Target small medical offices. To get a better chance of being hired as a medical biller even with limited training, it's best that you target your application to small clinics. You could start with regular desk work, and then slowly work you way up to becoming a medical biller.

Buy books on medical billing. To reinforce your actual experiences, it's a good idea that you read up on the theories and backgrounds of medical billing as well. Order books online at

Read up on medical terms. It's very important to know relevant medical terms and to know the ins-and-outs of the medical profession. Again, that's why it's important that you really expose yourself to the workings at medical institutions.

Because medical billing is a profession that puts more premium on experience, it's really possible that you get to engage in this profession with minimal education. The important thing is that you really do your best to gain experience on the job, and that you network with people who could help you gain the position that you would want. Good luck, and hope this article helped you out! 


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