How To Earn Respect

Earning respect in both your personal and professional life is important. Earning respect, however, is far easier said than done. Though many people want to be respected and respectable, few people are actually respectable in the eyes of others. Here are some steps to help you earn respect.

Know yourself. The starting point should be a thorough and solid knowledge of who you are, what you want in life, what your principles are, and what you believe in. know thyself is one of the oldest sayings said to have been uttered by one of the oldest and most respected philosophers, Socrates. Still, it is one of the most challenging maxims to live by. You need to be introspective enough to assess yourself and know what you really are, and not just how you act like because of situations and because of the presence of other people.

Pressure. Once you have determined what your principles and beliefs are, the next step is ensuring that you will be able to live up to these at all times. Earning respect means not compromising your principles even at the face of extreme pressure. Make sure that you treat your beliefs and your principles as your absolute boundaries. Keep in mind, however, that only time will tell if you will be able to withstand the pressure.

Desire. But though only time will be able to tell whether you will be able to withstand the pressure, one of the factors that will influence this is your desire for respect. Remember that people who want to be respected are usually those that pay attention and give effort to maintaining their values and principles. With desire, you will have the willingness to work on establishing and preserving a respectable image of yourself. Keep in mind, however, that you need more than just plain desire to earn respect from other people. You will also need to work for it.

Self respect. You should also learn to have self respect, if you want other people to respect. Just like love and other values, respect begets respect. What makes self respect so important is that it gives you the ability to commit to your principles and values, precisely because you respect yourself.

Action. Finally, make sure that you act on your principles and on your desires to be a respectable person. This means that you should be conscious of your actions at all times. Be aware of the things that you do, and just as importantly, be aware of all the things that you do not do or which you have failed to do. This does not mean that you are expected to be perfect just to earn respect from other people. Failing is perfectly fine, but only if you show that you have worked as hard as possible beforehand.

When it comes to earning respect from other people, there are no right and wrong answers. By keeping these things in mind, however, you should have better chances of ending up as a respectable and dignified person in the eyes of others and yourself.


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