How To Employ Conflict Resolution Techniques

In every place that contains two or more persons, conflict is always present. It could be direct, indirect, or sometimes the people involved do not even know that a conflict already exists.

Resolving a conflict takes skills and a lot of patience. It is important to be able to resolve a conflict, especially in a workplace to ensure that the people involved as well as the people surrounding them will be able to work efficiently using their maximum skills.

Here are some techniques on how to effectively employ conflict resolution:

  1. Detect a conflict. You have to check if there is a conflict in between members of your group. This is very important especially if you are working as a group, and conflicts can cause misunderstanding and ineffective communication, leading to poor job efficiency affecting all of the people involved.
  2. The earlier the conflict is identified, the better. You do not have to wait for the problem to get big in order to solve it. The sooner that you detect that there is a problem within your place, the better it is to confront it immediately. Problems resolved early can lead to better relationships between people.
  3. Confront the conflict. Do not pretend that it does not exist. If you do, the next thing you know is that it has already caused a big problem among the group.
  4. Learn to listen to both sides. There are two sides to every story. If you are the one resolving the conflict, listen to what they have to say first before you decide on what to do. Do not be biased.
  5. Do not treat the person and the problem as one. You have to learn to separate the deed done and the person who did it. If the person happened to have made a mistake before, do not use this as basis in judging him/her on what he/she did currently. You have to give the person the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Let the steam off first. Do not attempt to make the people involved resolve their conflict if they are still angry and hot tempered. It will only lead to disastrous results; sometimes even violence. Let them calm down first so that they can think rationally.
  7. Encourage open forums. You have to encourage your team members to open up to each other so that misunderstanding can be avoided. They can say what they feel or clarify with each other about things that are bothering them so that they can get it out of their mind and be efficient. Also let them pour out their frustrations with regard to their work, co-workers, or even personal problems. Good communication is the key to a peaceful work environment.

You can try these effective conflict resolution techniques whenever it is necessary. You yourself must be calm when dealing with conflicts, and you must not let your feelings get in the way of deciding whenever you have to decide on what to do.


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