How To Escort an Oversized Load

An oversized load requires a good escort for safety purposes. If you want to land a job doing this, take note that the process will not be as easy as you think it is. Since safety is the number one priority here, getting an escort job is a challenging task.

As an escort of an oversized load, the safety of not only the load is on your shoulders. The safety of both the truck driver and other people on the road is also part of the job. So if you think you are ready to take on this kind of responsibility, check out these steps on how you can escort an oversized load:

  • Search for possible companies you can apply to. Check out escort car companies near you through the help of yellow pages or online directories. Make sure that you research reliability, credibility, and efficiency of companies too.
  • Prepare employment requirements. Contact companies you desire to be employed at and ask them about requirements to get a job. Some of the requirements can include license and related trainings.
  • Know the responsibilities of escorting a truck with an oversized load. It is important that you know what job is waiting for you so you can perform efficiently and even impress employers before you get the job. Take note that depending on your escort position, you have different roles. Hence, study what a front and rear escort does so you will be prepared no matter what kind of position will be given to you.
    • Front escort. Your vehicle's front bumper must be installed with a height pole that is as tall as the load of the truck you are escorting. Your responsibility is to check out for roads that the truck cannot pass through. For instance, if the pole hits an underpass, you will immediately call the truck driver to inform him that the truck load is too tall for the truck to pass that certain road.
    • Front escort without height pole. If you are this kind of escort, your main responsibility is to warn every oncoming driver about the oversized load following you. You also check and relay road hazards such as rocks, dead animals, big trucks coming up, narrow bridges, and the like.
    • Rear escort. You are expected to oversee everything from behind such as the condition of the tires, the position of the load, and other vehicles that are geared to pass the truck.
  • Invest on necessary equipment. It is not only your vehicle that will be needed when it comes to escorting a truck with an oversized load. Hence, prepare other important things such as load signs, communication device, lights, and the like.
  • Apply for a job. Send the requirements and applications to several companies. Take note that the more knowledge and experience you have when it comes to escorting oversized loads, you have more chances of getting the job earlier than you usually expect it.

Being an escort of an oversized load is challenging. However, the job itself is very much rewarding. Since the safety of everyone is in your hands, no other feeling will beat your satisfaction and pleasure once you get the job done successfully and efficiently.


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