How To Fill Out a Job Application So You Get the Interview

Everyone knows that the resume is a job applicant’s gateway to get an interview. But not anymore. The resume is still the star of the show but most companies now require a filled out job application.

The job application form is produced by the company. This works to their advantage since the information you will give out will be useful for their intelligent decision. The job application form can also be advantageous for you especially if you know how to use it to get the interview. Below are some tips to fill out the form for that purpose:

  • Be prepared. There is no such thing as over-prepared when filling out a job application form. Before you go to the company office or apply for the job online, have all the information you might need to fill out the job application. Most of these forms will ask about your previous employers and your personal references and their names, addresses, email, and telephone number.
  • No discrepancy. Some information asked on most job applications are already on the resume or cover letter. Make sure that there will be no discrepancy or you might leave a bad impression.
  • Don’t leave anything blank. Answer all the questions on the form even if many of those are already on the resume. Do not tell the hiring manager to check your resume or your cover letter for more information. Doing that will indicate being a lazy job applicant.
  • Make it great. Applying for a job is the time to make your best impression. Everything should be perfect, or at least almost perfect. That doesn’t excuse the job application. Write down your best answer and if time permits, check your answer for any grammar of spelling error.
  • Dark ink is safe. Unless you are instructed otherwise, use only black ink when filling out a job application form. This is a safe color also in case the potential employer is color blind. Write legibly also or your application might go directly into the trash can.
  • Seek help. Never hesitate to ask if you do not understand anything on the job application. How can you answer the questions correctly if you don’t understand them in the first place? When asking, always say “please” and appreciate the person by saying “thank you.”
  • Think first, then write. If there are some tricky questions on the form, give yourself some time to think for the perfect answer first. Do not rush on typing or writing your answers even if you have a limited time. Rushing will never help you get the interview. It might only ruin your perfect mood to think.
  • Ask for an extension. Which is better, ask the hiring manager to give you more time to finish the form or pass an incompletely filled out form? If you pass an incomplete form, it’s less likely that the hiring manager will initiate to give you some more time. So ask for it and who knows, the hiring manager will be kind enough to give you more time.

Give your best shot when filling out the job application form. The more impressive the form is, the higher your chance to get the interview.


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