How To Fill Out Your First Job Application

Filling out a job application form may be intimidating for first time applicants since they will try to remember every skill or reward they have earned their entire lives. They will definitely try hard to make their résumé as impressive as possible. Of course, that is a good thing. However, there is nothing to be intimidated about when doing this. The following are some tips and guidelines that an applicant should put in their application form.

  1. Take note of all your references, especially those you know would commend you for the tasks you’ve done for or with them. In the case of minors, references could include jobs such as baby-sitting, volunteer work or any sort of job that could be considered a work experience. Write down the names, position, contact information and office or home addresses of your employers.
  2. Scan through the application to be able to find out what information they’d like you to give out. Job applications usually ask your personal information, educational background, work experiences, skills and personal references. Always keep a copy of the things you have listed on your last application for you to have a reference the next time you apply.
  3. Fill out the application form with a pen that does not smear at the back of the page. This is because some applications will have you fill out both sides of a page.
  4. Closely read and follow the instructions written on the application or what has been instructed you by the person who handed this out. Complete each section with true and accurate information.
  5. Also include your education information. This typically includes all the schools you’ve attended start from high school to college. You may also include the vocational and graduate schools you have attended, if applicable. Include the date or the year of graduation from each degree earned.
  6. The work experience section should contain all sorts of jobs you have bee paid to perform. Provide specific details regarding these jobs so that the type of experience you have gained can be evaluated.
  7. Always be aware of what position you are applying for, for you to be able to write down your skills appropriate for it.
  8. Indicate your schedule of availability. Companies or independent employers would want to know when they could have you work for them. Give the specific days and times you wish to work. Make sure that you consider the extracurricular activities that you participate in when giving out your schedule of availability.
  9. Include personal references. Be sure to include the people who will definitely commend your skills, personality, and work ethic. For minors or fresh graduates with no work experience, references could be their professors, advisers, directors of the programs you have volunteered in, and previous employers (if any).

You should always remember to write legibly and keep your application form wrinkle-free because it will also determine your potential as a good employee. Furthermore, always write the truth in job application forms. Any discrepancies or misrepresentations written can be held against you and reduce your chances of getting the job.


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