How To Find a Contractor Job in Iraq

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There are many reasons why people work overseas. Some fly abroad because there are no opportunities in their country and their income is not enough to supply the basic necessities of their family. Others go just for fun, to experience different cultures.

There are many countries that offer different jobs. Iraq is one of them. Many people go to Iraq to work even if it is dangerous because of the war. It is because there are lots of opportunities here and the salaries are high. Because of this, opportunity to work in Iraq is very competitive. Job listings can be found online and, in special cases, job hunters can apply online for employment. Remember that finding a contractor job is not easy. You must go through the proper channels.

Here are some tips on how to find a contractor job in Iraq.

  • Think about the consequences before working in Iraq. Such conditions must be observed, like climate and the war. Some people can’t adapt easily to different climates. It is very hot here so if you’re from a cold country, it will be difficult for you. The war between Iraq and United States of America is still on going even if the US troops are pulling out. Iraq is considered a danger zone for employees overseas. This work is only for determines and risk takers only.
  • Determine the “Danger Zone” jobs for job hunters. The World Wide Web has the information on determining Danger Zone Jobs. By doing so, you can learn what companies are offering contracts and skills needed to be hired.
  • Understand that advertisements are fewer than before and only those with the right skills are hired. Your skills are your only asset when applying for a contract job. Middle East countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iraq are strict with this condition.
  • Make a good resume. The resume must contain all the information that the company needs. Specify what particular job you are applying for and highlight your working experience if you have some. Because Iraq offers high salary and earnings are tax free, they are going to accept employees who are highly qualified. A god resume often leads to better employment opportunities.
  • Contact any person you know working in the companies contracting jobs in Iraq. This is a major advantage and can get you hired easily particularly if your contact is a human resource employee. If you don’t have any contacts, try to get in touch with people responsible for your hiring. This action will take your resume to the top.
  • Look for a job fair that offers overseas work. Job fairs are a great way to achieve a job locally or overseas. You can be hired in the process if you are good and you meet all the requirements. If you are invited to an interview, answer all the questions correctly. This may be the chance for you to tell the interviewer that you are qualified for the job.


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