How To Find a Job after a Layoff

Getting laid off can be devastating. If you like your job but got a pink slip because of economic downsizing, company mergers or corporate reorganization, it can be quite difficult to move on. However, once you have gotten your notice, you need to figure out a way to secure your finances and make sure you find another job.

Here are some things you can do to find a job after a layoff.

  • Don’t dwell on your old job. You won’t be able to focus looking for a new job if you keep thinking about the good old days. If you’ve been laid off, get over it and move on. You need to remind yourself that this is your new reality and the only thing you can do is keep looking forward.
  • Do update your resume. If it’s been years since you’ve been on a job hunt, your resume will certainly need some updates. You have more skills now, more work experience, and perhaps even more education and credentials. Focus on your job skills and technical knowledge.
  • Do network. There’s no shame in getting laid off. It’s just the reality of working. It’s time to tell friends, colleagues and family that you are actively looking for a job. Post it in your social networking site. Check out the career placement office of your old college or school. Talk to different headhunters and try an employment agency. The more you make yourself available, the better your chances of hearing about an opportunity.
  • Do consider other industries. Don’t be afraid to change industries, especially if the one you are in is experiencing a downturn. Get out of manufacturing and construction, and try to find jobs that tap into your other skills and interest. Why not try a sales position? If you’ve always been in construction, why not try working in an office setup. Don’t be embarrassed to take a lower paying and lower level position if that’s what’s available. You can always work your way up. The important thing is to get your foot in the door.
  • Do try starting your own business. If you can’t get someone else to hire you, then hire yourself. Why not use your severance pay as seed money to start a small enterprise? Consider starting your own business or service based on your hobbies, such as selling beaded jewelry or selling cakes and pastries. If you have good IT skills, why not start your own IT support service at home? Getting laid off may be just the catalyst you need to start that home based business you’ve been thinking about for years.
  • Go back to school. If you lack the skill set to get a job, get more education. You may need to take a technical vocational course or even an online learning program. Technology changes very rapidly and so it’s imperative to remain competitive. Get the credentials or certification you need to make yourself more employable and competitive.

Stay positive amidst the uncertainly. Don’t take it personally if you’ve been laid-off. Think of it as an opportunity for growth and change. If you dedicate ample time and effort into your new job search, you’ll be working again in no time.


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