How To Find a Job in the Technology Industry

The decade of the 90s leading to the year 2000 and onwards, saw a worldwide explosion in investments leading to an exponential increase of job opportunities. Many sectors come to mind, but the predominant of them are infrastructure [construction of ports, roads, rail networks, buildings, townships and its allied activities], but the industry making the biggest impact was technology.

Sometime in the 90s, the fears of large-scale disruption due to the "Y2K" factor led to all government agencies, businesses and industries in developed and developing nations to revamp their computer systems, networks and infrastructure. Resolving the Y2K factor, making systems compliant and ensuring their seamless transition from the 1900s to the 21st century required development of software, installation of new hardware systems, integration  of the all the hardware systems by a large army of technically qualified personnel. 

From then on, the technology sector has only been growing; present developments in that sector healthily indicate that this growth will continue for a very long time to come. Growth in the technology sector means an increase in the number of jobs offered by it. Therefore, how does one go about it, how does one find a job in the technology industry?  Here are some tips -

Skill-set search - By now, it is common knowledge that all kinds of searches are available on the internet and that to find a job online, one would look through a job-search engine. This article will not delve into detail on that aspect. 

Moving on, jobs in the technology industry are governed by the type of technology that is in demand during a particular time and this keeps changing rapidly. You could undertake a search on the job-search engines based on your skills, which will require the right keywords for your search. The narrower and precise the keywords, the more accurate will be your search results.

General search - You can specify your searches based on various keywords such as geographical location, nature of industry, minimum educational qualifications required or designation-based; though I would not recommend trying very hard with the last two options. There is many a noteworthy technology innovator who has not fared well academically, and there are too many designations and far too many variations of the same.

Prior to embarking on the searches mentioned above, I strongly recommend that you update yourself on the basic skills required for a job in the technology industry. Then, choose a particular discipline and obtain training, preferably formal training from a reputed institute or technology school; check to see that the organization is well known in its domain, recognized by the government, certified and duly qualified to render technical training. Obtain the required degrees, qualifications, certifications in the broad discipline. Further, regular and on-the-job addition or enhancement of skills will be an added advantage.

Just being a computer or technology geek is so old-fashioned. Lately, technology industry jobs demand that you have working knowledge of current affairs, general knowledge, accounting, and administration skills in order to sustain your position and grow within the organization.

Armed with all of the above, you should be prepared to land some of the well-positioned jobs in the technology industry.  Happy Prospecting!


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