How To Find a Job in Vancouver

Vancouver, a coastal city in British Columbia, Canada is home to a very diverse ethnic community, the majority of which speak English as their first language. It is a very affluent city and has the highest housing prices. Forestry, tourism, film making, mining, biotechnology and software development are some of the major industries that are thriving in Vancouver. With such a multi-cultural population competition for available jobs can be fierce. You may find it quite difficult to find a job in Vancouver if you are a new resident of the city. However there are still some ways for you to be able to secure a job. Below are some tips.

  • Check out job banks in Vancouver. There are several websites with listings of available jobs in the city. Some will require you to register before you can search the job listings while others can be searched directly. is one site that you can visit. The site lists the available job/s for individual companies and the number of jobs that are need to be filled up. Another good site is There are still others that you can check. The Monster Board also has a local listing for jobs available in Vancouver. Human Resources Development Canada also has its own website for job openings. You can also check the Vancouver job listings in Craigslist.
  • Check local classified ad postings in Vancouver’s local papers, The Vancouver Sun and The Province. They have online versions that you can check. The Vancouver Sun job listing can be found here while that for The Province can be accessed here. You should read the articles and tips these newspapers provide for job seekers.
  • Networking is a veritable source of information for available jobs in different companies and businesses in Vancouver. You should get in touch with your relatives and friends and ask them for referrals. If you are new in the area it helps to seek the aid of people who are already settled in Vancouver since they have access to news and information that may not be available to newcomers.
  • Vancouver has several recruitment agencies that can help you find a good job in the city. Sign up with any of the agencies and allow them to match your qualifications with the available jobs. There is usually pre-qualification testing that you have to undergo before they can proceed to look for a job for you.
  • Check out what qualifications and certifications are needed to be able to look for a higher paying job in Vancouver that will match your expertise and skills. As you are from a foreign land your local qualifications may not be recognized in Vancouver. In cases like this you may have to go back to school for a refresher or a full course to be able to gain certification.
  • Check out the different job links provided by the Vancouver, BC Employment Resources. The site provides links to almost all the jobs sites that are available in Vancouver. It provides links to online job banks, online classified ads from local newspapers, jobs that are suitable for students, Canada-wide and city-specific job listings, and career-specific job sites. There are also several company websites that you can access as some companies post their job openings in their own websites. This is a one-stop site that can be a very helpful tool to a job seeker in Vancouver.

Since most job seekers are aiming for office jobs, there are plenty of jobs that involve manual labor. If you are not afraid of hard work you may find that these types of jobs will pay you more than a regular office job. Look for a job that will match the job with your skills and interests to ensure that you can find the right job and enjoy doing it.


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