How To Find a Photography Internship

With the skill and vision, you can transform a camera into a tool for art, and can make masterpieces from photographs. If you want to get your big break in the world of photography, starting on a photography internship is a great idea, since this will allow you to gain invaluable experience on the field. Here’s how you can get the internship.

Portfolio. Before you apply for any internship program, make sure that you have prepared your own portfolio first. The portfolio will not only showcase your strong points as a photographer, but will also be used by your mentor to assess how much you already know about photography. Apart from the portfolio, also make sure that you have access to the equipment needed to engage in professional photography. Remember, you cannot expect your mentor to provide you with the camera. Luckily, DSLR camera prices are dropping and getting a fairly high quality camera is easier. Also make sure that you fully know how to manipulate the features in your camera, and that you know the basics of a camera, such as what the aperture, f-speed, et cetera means.

Local photographers. Contact the local photographers and ask them if they have any internship program open. Basically you will be working as a sort of assistant for the professional local photographers. Do not expect to earn much from your internship program with a local photographer, especially since most local photographers will not earn much from photography themselves. But, the advantage is that you get to travel with the photographer and take your pictures from the various sets, studios, and sceneries where your mentor happens to bring you. Working with the mentor will also give you insights on how to improve the photos that you take.

Career counseling. If you have developed your interest in photography early on, consider getting advice from your high school career counselor. Remember that career counselors have contacts and links with hundreds of industries, companies, and professionals among which you will probably find a professional photographer who will be willing to provide you with an internship program. A lot of photographers also work in publication companies such as newspapers and magazines. One of the publications may offer to provide you with an internship program.

Contributions. Also send in your photographs to the local newspaper or magazines. Getting your photos published is a great way to get into a prestige internship program. Sometimes, local papers will even hire or ask regular contributors to be interns or even a staff photographer. Make sure, however, that you brush up on the basics of photojournalism, so that you know how to take an action-packed shot that is news worthy.

Competitions and freelancing. Consider photography contest, which will sometimes publish your photograph, award you with a plaque or other rewards, and even give you an internship program. Some of the groups that will occasionally host competitions with apprenticeship awards are the National Geographic, Time, or the Hearst Media Foundation.

Be sure to post copies of your shots on social networking sites and in your own website. You never know when you will meet a photographer online and get noticed enough to earn an internship program for photography.


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