How To Find a Reputable Employment Agency

With so many employment agencies existing, it is difficult to tell which the reputable ones from the illegal ones are. This is the reason why we all have to be careful when contacting and dealing with one. You work with an agency to increase your chances of employment, not to endanger yourself. You have to make sure that the agency you are working with will help you and give you benefits. Being caught with an illegal agency would be much more work and much more hassle. So be wise and choose you agency well.

These reminders will help you land on a good and reputable agency to work with:

  • Phone first. It is better to contact the agencies by phone first than going to their offices right away. If you talk to them and ask them questions by phone first, you will more or less have an idea of what they could offer you. This will tell you if they would be of good use to your career. Depending on how they answer your questions on the phone will you rate how credible the agency is. At least, this way you could think clearly because there is not much pressure on phone than on personal interviews.
  • Weigh their interest. By conversing with them you can already tell how interested they are in taking you. This will tell you how much they could help get you a job, because if they are interested, they will find ways to immediately give you a client. If they are much interested, you could assume how good and many job opportunities are there for you and how demanding you could get.
  • Check credibility. You can always ask the agency how they run the business. What are the job assignments made? If mostly temporary, then it shows that the agency is not good with its relationship with the business world. Your agency's credibility can already tell you what kind of job you could attain with them.
  • Ensure protection. Your employment agency should protect you from your clients in certain cases. All of those policies and insurance must be included in your contract. So know your rights as an employee. If a certain policy or penalty is missing or is wrong, drop that agency.
  • Don't get scammed. A reputable agency will not ask you to send out money. If an agency asks you to give money in any way and any form during the process, assume that it is a scam and stop dealing with that agency immediately.
  • Find out paycheck information. Know how the agency will pay you. It will give you an idea how active and good your agency is. It can also help give you an idea how consistent your agency will be, and if it has really good banking relationships. Of course your pay is most important here.
  • Meet them. After all the checking you have done, determine if you are well interested in the agency you conversed with. If you are, then meet them in person and have another interview with them so clear things up. This will now give you the actual look and feel in the agency then decide whether you are dealing with them or not. After that, you may start the process.

Dealing with agencies can be really tricky and it is not worth to risk your career just because you got lazy to check on your agency. Spending time and making some effort to ensure your safety is always worth it.


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