How To Find a Student Job with the Government

Students and teenagers nowadays are taking part in actively living an independent life. Taking a part time, summer, or full time student job is the mark of living life on your own. As a young responsible adult, working will help you decide on the career path to pursue in the future. This will also help a student in becoming a hardworking and responsible individual. One of the best sources for student jobs today is work within the government.

Here is some ways to find a student job with the government:

  1. Internet and Websites. Job Openings nowadays are not just posted and seen on newspapers, televisions etc. Internet job postings are the most widely searched medium when looking for a job. You can try typing in your search box your desired position and the government agency you want to work for. Several sites will appear; mostly the website of the chosen agency will appear first in your screens. You just have to look for openings or career section in the website. Typing the name of a government agency you want to be part of is a quicker way of searching for an opening especially if you really want to work with the agency. Instructions on how to send resumes and the requirements for student job openings are provided.
  2. Foundations. Visit or look for organizations which promote good cause and at the same time is supported by the government. Since the government is for the people, why not work for foundations which help unfortunate souls? This is a good training for work in government offices since this will serve as an eye opener for you. Some foundations work with different founding agencies abroad; this may also be an opportunity for you to be a student abroad. You will also learn how to troubleshoot problems when working with NGOs and foundations.
  3. Visit local government agency. Try to solicit the help of your local government agencies in your cities and towns. The City Hall may be the best place to visit. Internship and summer student jobs are available in these places. Working in your city government may give you better motivation since you will be serving your own locale.
  4. Ask the professionals. A list of job vacancies is available from the school career counselors. Ask help from them on where and what kind of government agency you are suited for. Look into the various positions offered – such as student manager, student engineer, student sales and many more. If you already have chosen your government agency, ask for openings, referrals and a contact person from the school that will help you in the job admission.

Job hunting may be difficult at first but rewarding when you finally get your own pay check. Working may be a sign that you are already an independent person and ready to face life on your own. This student job may be training for you to get a clearer picture of what your future life will be.


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