How To Find a Summer Job as a Carpentry Apprentice

A career in carpentry will start with attending a related certification class. However, others prefer apprenticeship as it is more hands on. This isn't an either-or situation. One can start as an apprentice and benefit from actually working with full-fledged professionals. There is much that books and study can teach you but there are certain techniques that can only be learned on the job. After a certain period of apprenticeship when you feel you've developed enough skills to strike out on your own, you can go ahead and take that certification class.

  1. Be prepared to learn all the necessary information to get that carpentry apprenticeship. If you want to find a summer job as a carpentry apprentice, then equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills so as to be picked out for the job. Review your mathematics prior to getting a summer job as a carpentry apprentice. This is important as math is used heavily in physical rendering of carpentry designs and models. If you can read the National Building Code of the United States then by all means do so. A prospective employer will greatly appreciate and surely take note of your efforts to supplement your knowledge in this field of creative and demanding work.
  2. Be sure to include applicable skills in your application letter and resumé. Now that you've read and equipped yourself with the skills and knowledge, it's time to create that resumé and cover letter. Make sure that you include skills that will be applicable and useful to the carpentry apprenticeship.
  3. Check local high schools or community colleges for carpentry apprenticeship programs. Most schools offer this under their career advancement programs so do not hesitate to check them out for apprenticeship opportunities.
  4. Use the Internet to find carpentry apprenticeship prospects. With just your personal computer and reliable Internet access, you can now start that search for a summer job as a carpentry apprentice. Since not all carpentry companies have their Web sites put up, it would be best to look for their office numbers on online phone directories.
  5. Call and send in your application letter and resumé. If the carpentry companies you're aiming for has their respective Web sites, then you can readily post your resumé online. If they do not however, then just make a call to their offices to ask for their address. You now have the option to either send the application letter through the post, or opt to apply in person. The latter is still the more favored one as employers tend to disregard applications coming through the mail.

Carpentry apprenticeship is also a good way of gaining a foothold in an organization and the start of building a career in this line of work. Companies will usually prioritize those that they've trained over new entrants.


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