How To Find a Summer Job as a Landscaper

Landscaping is one of those professions that blend aesthetics and science in equal parts. A thorough understanding of the flora and fauna associated with gardening, of the various types and shapes of terrain, and of man-made habitat structures form the science part. The artistic side of it is how to put it all together and shape it into something that is not only visually pleasing but also functional to the people who will be living or using that piece of land.

  1. Study the related skills and knowledge of your chosen field of work. As mentioned above landscaping involves many areas so it is necessary to read about the various subjects to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. Landscaping has various specializations, the most popular of which are herb gardens and meditation gardens so you may want to research on those as well.
  2. Consider drawing up your very own samples of your designs. Having a portfolio is important if you want to project a professional image as a landscaper. Draw up your very own designs by reading up and studying on landscaping books. If you already have existing ones, then simply compile them in a neat folder. With samples of work at hand, you can now start approaching interested parties.
  3. Ask around your neighborhood for job openings. Neighbors are still your best bet at finding a summer job as a landscaper. Ask your parents to refer you to friends who may be interested to have their lawns or gardens touched up. Make yourself visible in the weekly neighborhood meetings. This way, you get to advertise yourself and the services you offer in an efficient and straightforward manner. If you ever get fortunate to acquire jobs from within your vicinity, then you no longer have to worry about setting aside some money for gas or bus fare just to get to work.
  4. Check the landscaping companies within your area for any job opportunities. Working with a landscaping company will be a very good start especially if you ever want to pursue landscaping beyond just a summer job. Working with landscaping companies not only gives you access to knowledge with how to use specialized tools, but also get to observe the best practices which you will be able to put into good use should you decide to put up your own landscaping business.
  5. Utilize the Internet to find summer jobs available to landscapers. You can check out several job advertisement sites on the Web to assist you in your job hunting.

Taking a summer job as a landscaper is good way to gain experience and learn the basics of this field. You can go the do-it-yourself route and start small scale by practicing on your friends' and family's lawns or join an established organization and learn directly from practicing professionals.


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