How To Find a Summer Job as a Naturalist

As our world is ravaged with toxins and pollutants in the air, land and waters, it would take all of our efforts to save the Earth from dying. If you care enough and is passionate about teaching people how to save the earth and its natural resources then applying for a job as a naturalist.

  1. Do research on duties of a naturalist. There are many varied positions you can hold as a naturalist but the main task is to educate people on how to take better care of the environment. Out in the field you will be leading groups of through trails and waterways while you explain the various types of vegetation you encounter along the way. Being knowledgeable in natural history is also a requirement as a naturalist. There are research projects that you could assist with or advocacies that you could join to help promote environmental responsibilities. At communities you will be teaching families how to effectively recycle waste or go to different business establishments to raise awareness of the hazards of the by products produced and how to help in the providing a solution.
  2. Find where naturalists are needed. Naturalists are needed almost everywhere, in communities, national parks, schools, summer camps, and eco parks. There are also eco tours that are both educational and relaxing, as you take tourists on an educational sight seeing trip in forests, rivers, and caves.
  3. Practice your public speaking skills. As a naturalist you will be speaking a lot when you educate children and adults about environmental concerns. You will be leading groups of people on tours so you must have a good grasp on everything around you on these tours. Getting the message across and imparting knowledge will be more effective if you can speak to small and large groups without being nervous or groping for words. Speaking in a clear and steady pace will help people you are talking to understand what you are saying. Choose words that people can easily understand and relate with instead of using technical terms. Your voice must be loud enough to be heard by everyone in the group and through the sound of a gushing river. You can practice in front of friends a family and get direct feedback.
  4. Research on environmental solutions. You must have enough information on the knowledge you are imparting. As a naturalist you have to know more than enough about your natural environment and how to effectively take care of it.

Working as a naturalist in the summer will put you in different environments and have you meet a lot of different people. It will teach how to find better alternatives to help save the environment and enhance how you communicate with large groups of people.


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