How To Find a Summer Job Doing Social Work

Social work entails working toward helping individuals cope with the changes in their life that would result in harmony and acceptance within the community or group they belong. Social work and other human services careers involve intervention, counseling, casework, implementing intricately designed group dynamic activities, and working together with different community members, such as health workers, police and the like. Social workers handle different individuals and different areas, such as children, family, schools, medical, public, and mental health and substance abuse.  

Summer brings a lot of opportunities for you to maximize your vacant time. It is very tempting to actually just stay at home, catch up on your much deserved sleep, or go the other way around; party your way all through out the summer, enjoy it with your friends and family, or travel and visit different places. These activities are common summer goals for most students. Some however choose to look for more meaningful endeavors.

How can you actually find the social work that would best suit you? Networking is one good way to find it. Check with your friends, relatives, or even your teachers at school might be able to suggest a place you can work for. Checking with your school's guidance or placement office would also be a good idea. If you can't find any from the people you know, then you will find the Internet would give you loads of job postings to choose from.

It won't hurt to do volunteer work, but of course, you can find social work that pays. From the postings you have gone through, choose whatever strikes your interest. After making the final list, furnish your resume and cover letter. Make sure that you update it with your recent activities and volunteer work that would help you get the job.

During the interview, come prepped and prepared. Be confident! It would also pay off to do advanced research for the institution you want to work with. Never be afraid to ask questions, especially in clarifying tasks that comprise the post you are applying for.

Social work actually will give you opportunities to travel and meet different types of individuals, whether in the community you are assigned to, or in the different social units you will be working with. If you think about it, not only will you be able to help a lot, you have also found such a fulfilling method to spend your summer break; and who knows, this summer job might actually pave the way for you to actually take on a degree in social work, psychology, sociology, or other branches of social science and human services.


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