How To Find a Summer Job in a Security Position

A security job may seem like an action packed profession to the uninitiated, but most positions in this field usually involve more routine executions of protocols than running after a suspect or stepping in front of a bullet. In fact wits and keen observation play a more important role in this kind of job than any other skills. Make no mistake that there is a definite amount of danger involved. The bottom line is to protect life and/or property and that naturally entails personal risks.

  1. Get acquainted with what a summer job in a security position entails. Security positions are no big joke. Aside from putting yourself on the line to ensure that other people are secured and protected, the job calls for a lot of patience and creativity as well. Make sure that you know what a summer job in a security position demands to avoid surprises later.
  2. Select the best security position job that suits you. Security positions vary so you will have to choose from among the many pertinent job opportunities out there. Will you be interested to work in an airport as a Transportation Security Official (TSO) and inspect travelers and their luggage? Or are you the type who loves to hang out in bars? If so, then you may be interested to work as a bouncer in a local club to make sure that bar brawls do not happen. Are you knowledgeable in installing security alarms and related devices? Then maybe you should look into getting a job with the home security agency in your area.
  3. Stand out with a good cover letter and resumé. Your cover letter should be catchy if you want to ever get noticed from among the many summer job hopefuls out there. Updating your resumé is also important and should include special skills such as knowledge in self-defense. This is so you increase your chances of getting considered for the summer job.
  4. Hunt for openings on different job ads published on the Internet. Seek a summer job in a security position by going through several websites that post job listings in your locality.
  5. Apply for the security position of choice. Now that you've narrowed down companies or business entities you want to work with, then you can now have your cover letter and resumé sent in. While waiting for a call from your would-be employers, make sure that you practice for the job interview. 

It takes a certain kind of personality to be inclined in security work. A summer job will give you a taste of what this type of profession is really all about and help you discover if this is really your thing.


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