How To Find a Summer Job in Engineering

Among the various hard science and technical professions, engineering is possibly one that can really satisfy the creative spirit. Engineering has been described both as an art and science and this is probably because it deals mainly with the practical application of scientific theory and mathematical knowledge to build a new process, material, machine or construction. This is what attracts young people to pursue this profession.

  1. Create your curriculum vitae and accompanying cover letter. Finding a summer job in engineering might not be that easy. Most engineering firms look to hire people that will stay on for at least a period of one year. Since this is the case, it is important that your curriculum vitae and accompanying cover letter are excellently written if you want to get the prospective employer’s attention.
  2. Attend seminars about looking for summer internships. Since finding a summer job in engineering may be slim, then consider getting summer internships instead. Most internship programs in engineering do not pay. But if you look at the value of the job experience and technical knowledge you will gain from attending one, then it should be all worth it. To better assist you in finding the best internship program out there, look at attending seminars specifically geared for the purpose. Most engineering colleges offer this during the fall semester so be sure to enlist for it.
  3. Check your college or department bulletin boards. Companies on the lookout to hire people with engineering backgrounds will almost always check with colleges first. Since this is the case, then always check your engineering department’s bulletin boards for any available internship or summer job listings.
  4. Network with people. Connect with people who may be able to help you find a suitable internship or summer job in engineering. Let your professors, friends and parents know that you are on the hunt as they may be able to refer or recommend you to the right individuals.
  5. Check out job fairs in your area. Going to job fairs in your area will definitely help you land that summer job in engineering. Make sure that you dress appropriately as initial and technical interviews may be done there. And of course, bring your curriculum vitae and accompanying cover letter with you to these job fairs.

Engineering students can start building their careers by applying for short-term or contractual employment in engineering firms. As they aren't full-fledged and licensed engineers yet, they probably won't be given crucial tasks but the experience of already working in a company can give them a taste of the professional world they will soon enter.


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