How To Find a Summer Job in Finance

Taking on a finance job during the summer can be rewarding. It will help you gain extra income during the summer when school is out and give you an insight on what would be required of you in the work place when you finally get out of college and take on a permanent job in finance.

  1. Prepare a resume. A well organized resume will help potential employers see your strengths and weaknesses. It will give them an insight on how your skills can contribute to the company or find the right position that is just right for you to develop the skills you need in the future. Include only the information that is relevant to the field of finance.
  2. Search for openings. There a lot of employment agencies that you can go to that will assist in your job hunt. Do a search online for potential summer job openings in finance. There are websites online you can browse to look for job openings in finance. On some sites you can send in your resume and they will find possible leads for you that match your skill set. It would be easier if you know what sort of job in finance that you want before searching for openings so you can focus your search in that specific area.
  3. Apply for positions. Once you find job openings in finance companies like banks or investment firms, bring your resume with you and apply in person at their human resources department. Apply to as many different financial firms as possible and to different types of positions, this will give you better chances of landing at least one potential employer.
  4. Follow up your application. If you don't hear from the companies you applied to for some time then you can go ahead and follow up your application. Usually two weeks would be enough time to do a follow up.
  5. Be ready for an interview. Once you've been considered for an opening, you will then be called in for an interview. Be ready to answer questions that are related to the finance position you applied for. There may be a lot of questions for you to answer that will help them find out if you are the right candidate for the position. Brush up on your knowledge about finance so you will be ready to answer questions with the right answers.

If a career in finance is what you are aiming for in the future, then it would be beneficial to find a summer job in finance to find out what type of position you are most suited for.


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