How To Find a Summer Job in Radio

My love for music brought me quite close with radio. I found myself avidly listening to the radio, whenever I could, and even while I was studying. It helped me become up-to-date, not only with newly released songs or my favorite artist's latest gigs, but also with the recent events on the news. There were times when I actually would fantasize about being able to work on radio, being the one on the air. Realistically though, we know that we can take on different positions in the radio industry. Read to learn some opportunities.

Internet or online radio is a good way to start. With this, you are your own manager and your own radio DJ. You can start such a project with a friend to make it much more fun and creative; who knows, you might even pick up a good market and create good traffic on your online radio website and have it become a hit, with sponsors and advertisers at that.

If starting your own online radio show does not strike your fancy as you want to apply for established radio stations, then I suggest that you finish your resume and cover letter, and send it out to your friendly local radio stations. Radio stations now have established websites, so try checking them out for job openings. You can also give them a call to know what slots they may have available for you.

Being known through your local radio stations is also a way to get in the radio industry. Call in regularly to the station, show up on whatever promotions and media campaigns the station might sponsor, and be friendly with the station DJ's while you're at it as it might help you snag a job, whether with pay, voluntary, or for internship to be added on your college credentials.

Beginners in the radio industry do not actually land on the on-air job immediately. Typically, you will start with behind the scenes posts, such as an audio and sound engineer, or with the news and media division, if not as a newscaster, as a researcher or newswriter in charge of preparing the news script for the DJ or designated newscaster.

Once you snag the job of becoming the station DJ though, do not expect that everything will run smoothly after that. As a newbie, you are provided the worst time slot and whacked schedule one could ever imagine, usually graveyard. You have to prove yourself, be creative, for your station manager to consider moving you to a time slot with many listeners.

Passion is the key to get this job. Be patient, and never forget that hard work always pays off.


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