How To Find a Summer Job in the Automobile Industry

If you haven't outgrown your fascination of cars, there's no better way than to pursue this inclination as a young adult than getting a summer job in an automobile company. The automotive industry is broad enough to accommodate your interests whether it is in creating motor vehicle chassis and engine designs, discovering alternative fuels, developing new means of assembly, or the more commercial side such as marketing and selling.

  1. Become skilled at your chosen line of work. There are a lot of jobs offered by the automobile industry so make sure that you get trained for at least one of these. You can opt to attend related classes or seminars offered by the government, or you can enlist in career advancement courses offered by local high schools or colleges in your area. Bear in mind that these acquired skills will be your ticket to landing a summer job in the automobile industry so try to do your best to excel in these courses.
  2. Scout the online ads for summer job postings in the automobile industry. The easiest, quickest and cheapest way of looking for a summer job in the automobile industry is by hitting the many job advertisements sites on the Internet.
  3. Have your resumé polished and have a cover letter always ready. Now that you have identified companies on the lookout to hire additional staff, then it's time to make that resumé as custom-tailored as possible for the type of job you'll be applying for. Also, make a cover letter for each of the companies you've identified.
  4. Submit your resumé and cover letter in person. Make sure that you dress appropriately and smartly for this occasion to make sure that you make a good impression to the prospective employers.
  5. Attend job fairs organized in your area. Commit your extra time to some more job hunting while waiting (and hoping) for a positive feedback from the companies you've applied for. Check out the job fairs in your area. Make sure that you have your resumé and cover letter ready. Also, be mentally prepared as on the spot interviews are not at all uncommon during job fairs.  It would not hurt to dress smartly for this as well.

The automotive industry is currently facing a lot of pressure due to the negative environmental effects of using gasoline and diesel fuel and the ever increasing cost of steel and other raw materials. But rather than seeing this in a discouraging perspective, you can look at this present situation as a significant moment in the history of an industry that's been around for a century. It will either transform its paradigms and adapt to the changing times or become as obsolete as the horse-drawn cart. Unless someone in the next few years invents a more efficient and versatile way of traveling by land; the automotive industry is here to stay.


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