How To Find a Summer Job on a Cruise Ship

Getting a summer job on a cruise ship means you will get an opportunity to travel different parts of the country or world. A cruise ship is a little city in itself with shops, offices, bars, and medical offices so you won't run out of jobs to consider.  

  1. Do an online search. There is a wealth of information on the Internet and finding cruise ships will be easier if you do a search online. There are so many cruise ships available so look for the ones you would prefer to work on. They may not be located in your immediate area so you may have to travel to a different state to get on the ship. The cruise ship will have a website that you can browse. They could possibly post job openings on these websites for interested people so be on the look out for those posts. Make a list of cruise ships you find online.
  2. Determine the types of jobs on a cruise ship. There are hundreds of jobs on a cruise ship and all demand the highest level of service. Cruise ships have job opportunities for entertainers, accountants, tourism, personal assistants, health care and medical workers, fitness and beauty technicians. Each job must be filled with competent people to ensure that passengers will get a entertaining, relaxing, and memorable experience on the cruise ship.
  3. Determine your skills or talents. Now that you have a list of job positions on a cruise ship you can start asking yourself which ones you can fill. You have to be skilled enough to handle the responsibilities of that position. You may be talented and experienced in music entertainment so you can get on board as a singer, dancer or instrumentalist. Cooking or serving may be what you have experience so the kitchen and restaurant on the cruise ship is the first place you look into for a job position.
  4. Learn new skills. Having extra skills will be advantageous in getting a summer job on a cruise ship. Learn a couple of foreign languages and know a few things about different countries like their culture so you can effectively provide foreign passengers with their needs.
  5. Go to a recruitment or temp agency. You can contact the cruise ship's human department directly and ask for available job openings in the summer or go to recruitment agencies to look for jobs on a cruise ship. Temp agencies will also have some job listings for cruise ships since the trip will only take a few months.

Working and traveling on board a cruise ship is fun and exciting. You get to visit different places while enjoying the job you aimed for.


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