How To Find a Summer Job Working for an Airline

Traveling by air is quite common nowadays and an airline industry that has the most interaction with the customer does very well. Therefore it is not surprising that airlines are very customer-oriented. These businesses live and die by what their costumers think of their service. Airline employees then are mostly under a moderate to heavy amount of pressure to perform well. An airline's operations are quite complex and everything needs to be coordinated and done within strict schedules. If you're the type of person who find this line of work and its conditions quite interesting, then you could get a lot experience as a contractual employee in an airline.

  1. Research on the different types of jobs in an airline. Working for an airline does not always mean becoming a flight attendant or an airplane pilot. In truth, a lot of different jobs are performed within and outside the airline. In the airport alone, you'll find crew schedulers, airline customer service representatives and marketing agents. In the airline depots, you'll find engineers and mechanics. Make sure that you are familiar with these so as to assist you in better deciding which specific airline job to choose.
  2. Acquire the needed training to get that summer job working for an airline. Having the skills related to the job is highly crucial if you want to even be considered for that dream summer airline job. If you want to be posted in the airline hangar, then might as well get an apprenticeship with a highly skilled airplane mechanic way before you apply. If you are more of a people person and want to interact with people, then you can acquire the necessary training to become an efficient customer service representative. If you want to work in the sidelines by becoming a scheduler, then enlist for the pertinent training as well. This is very essential as crew schedulers use specialized software applications simply made for the purpose of scheduling and coordinating flight reservations.
  3. Find pertinent job listings on the World Wide Web. You can easily find employment opportunities on the Internet so utilize this tool to your advantage.
  4. Send in the necessary paperwork. Now that you've clearly identified airlines looking for additional work force by searching through the Web, then all you need to do is to send in your résumé and cover letter. Make sure that these are as detailed as possible, with prior related work experience and additional skills that may be useful to the airlines listed. You can opt to send these online via the airlines' official websites. Another way to go about it is to mail these in. Another option, and which proves to be the more effective way, is to personally present your résumé and cover letter. Make sure that you dress professionally since there is a big possibility of getting the job interview on that same day.

Air transport is a major industry and even the easiest position in an airline is still a relatively tough job. A limited summer stint in a small company can already teach an enterprising individual a lot of basic work skills which he can apply when he moves on to other fields.


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