How To Find an Acting Agent

So, you are looking to become the next Harrison Ford or the next Julia Roberts, huh? Well, you should know that everyone in the biz started out with a good acting agent. What is an acting agent, you may ask. Technically, a talent or acting agent is a person that will do the legwork for you in building you up and finding you work. Normally, an acting agent, a good one, will be well connected in the industry. They should know all the various production companies, the top casting directors, and the like. With that in mind, you will want to hire a good one if you want to land acting gigs that will hopefully make you a star one day. So, if you are looking for an acting agent, then here are some tips on how to find one.

  • The Internet. With almost everyone in the industry, directors, actors, and agents alike using the Internet to conduct business, finding an agent online who will be willing to represent you should be easy enough. A lot of talent agencies have websites especially the top ones. Visit these websites and get the contact information publish such as email, address, and phone. One you have the information, prepare your acting resume, headshots, and portfolio and send it to the agency either by electronic mail or via courier. While this method may prove to be worthwhile, this may not provide you with the results you are expecting. Remember, many aspiring actors are probably doing the same so your application for representation may just get lost in the pile. Nevertheless, it is worth a try right?
  • Purchase a list. The Internet may be a good option for you to try but this may only lead you to agents that may try to scam you. The scam is basically the agent asking for money from the actor before even representing you. This is an outright scam that you should not ever fall for. Agents should only earn from their actors if they are the ones that booked the job for you. They should only get a percentage of your gross earnings for the job. This being said, if you want to be sure that the people you are asking to represent you are legit and professional, you may want to purchase a validated and premium contact list of agents where you can send your acting documents and letter to. A good list can be found at The list is not free but it is not expensive either.
  • Mingle. Another great way to introduce yourself into the business by mingling with the A-list agents is by attending a scene night. This event is purposely organized for acting and talent agents with the objective of discovering new talent. If you do attend this, make sure to prepare multiple copies of your press kit (acting resume, headshots, etc…) as well as a scene that you will be performing. Make sure that your performance is well-executed and give out your press kits after. It is important that you have enough press kits available for all the talent agents attending the event.

Aside from these, you can always turn to your friends for help as well. It is highly likely that you run with friends in the industry and they can maybe direct you to a good agent. Whatever is the case, when you do find an agent, make sure to do a background check on him prior to signing with him to ensure that you are going with one that is worth his salt in the industry.


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