How To Find an Airport Career Job

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Despite the many risks, flying is still considered the safest way to travel. Even if the economy is down, people still have to travel and many still want to fly, as this is the fastest and easiest way to reach their destination. An airport is a very big place that requires a large workforce. It is an exciting prospect to be working at the airport and there are many career opportunities that are open. Check out the ideas on how to find an airport career job.

  1. Determine in what area of airport operation you want to work. You can be involved in airport security, or work at the customs section. You can work at the baggage inspection area, baggage claim areas, work as a porter, or in aircraft maintenance, concierge service or be involved in the flight service as a pilot or flight attendant. You also have the option to work to provide ground service to fliers.
  2. Get the necessary education and training to be able to secure that job that you want. Some need specialization and a four-year bachelor's degree while other jobs only require vocational training for a certificate and an associate degree. Check if there are certifications and licenses that will be required for the type of job you want.
  3. Check out the vacancies and job opportunities in your area of expertise. Check the website of your local airport. You can only check postings in online job boards and classified ads listings. Take note of all the requirements of your job prospects and see where you fit. Make sure that you get all the necessary requirements and update your resume.
  4. Send in your applications to the job boards, the local airport and the HR departments of other agencies and service providers operating within the airport. Air port jobs require tighter security so a background check is a certainty. With the 9/11 incidents, security is tighter than ever, for applicants, employers and personnel as well as the fliers.
  5. Consider upgrading your knowledge so that you can apply for a higher position. Check the requirements and build up your qualifications with additional schooling and training. Check if you can apply for apprenticeship to gain practical experience.
  6. You can also check all the jobs that are needed in the airport, such as the ones listed in the Aviation Job Search website. There are also different business-related office jobs that may interest you such as those for accounting and finance, sales, marketing communications and advertising, community and public relations and human resources.
  7. IT consulting is also an important career that you may look into. Airport operations rely heavily on computer software and hardware use and you are sure to find the most interesting and satisfying career in information technology within the airport.

Working in an airport carries a lot of responsibility and a lot of perks, too. Airport jobs generally pay higher than average. There are more opportunities for career advancement, the working hours are flexible and you enjoy huge discounts on your own travel fares. You also have the chance to meet a lot of new people when you work at an airport.


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