How To Find an Electrician Apprentice Job

Becoming an apprentice electrician is your first shot at an electrical career. If you finish an apprenticeship program, it will be easier for you to land a job. Your first concern, however, is to find an electrician apprentice job. Because electrician jobs are many, trust that apprentice jobs are likewise plenty. And to find one, here are some considerations you need to keep in mind.

  • Meet all the requirements. You will be required to present a high school diploma or complete GED when applying for an apprentice job. A test will also be administered to gauge your aptitude on science and math. Professional experience is a plus but is not required.
  • Look for job posts in the Internet and classifieds. Use the Internet and classifieds to look for an apprentice job. Classifieds of course are smaller in scope in that job posts are usually centered on your town, while the Internet can lead you to jobs outside your town, city, or state. When looking for an apprentice job, try to consider different industries like construction, maintenance, and repair. In the construction industry particularly, jobs are abundant.
  • Ask around. If you have a good network of electricians, let it work to your advantage. Ask the electricians you know about companies and shops that offer an apprentice job. Then, do your own research. Find out the location and contact details of these offices. If they have their own websites, much better. You can probably just email an inquiry instead of directly going to the offices or calling them.
  • Make a short list of promising apprentice jobs. After getting as much information as you can, list down the electrician apprenticeship jobs that you think can give you the best environment for knowledge and skill acquisition. Base your choices on your long-term priorities and career goals, and make sure that the companies or shops you are interested to apply in are duly approved for apprenticeship.
  • Choose an apprentice job that looks promising in all aspects. There are three main factors that you should consider when choosing an apprentice job. One is the scope of the job. At the early phase of the apprenticeship job, expect to assume basic duties only. But you should be exposed to more complex job duties as your year level progresses. Second, consider the expertise level of the supervising electricians. Remember that apprenticeship is mainly the transmission of practical knowledge, so you must choose an apprenticeship job that puts apprentices under the guidance of expert, qualified, and noted electricians. And third, take into account the salary. Salary varies according to states and industries, but generally apprentices' salary should be half the journeyman electricians' salary. In most cases, though, salary raise is awarded if performance is good.

Prepare your resume when applying for an apprentice job. Like in any other job, you need to demonstrate professionalism and readiness. If you are called in for an interview, make sure to dress appropriately, come on time, and respond to questions professionally. If you do well, being shortlisted is the least you can expect. The apprentice job may be given to you right away.


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