How To Find an Employment Agency Job Internship

Most of the established and reputable employment agencies offer internship or on-the-job training programs to college students and fresh graduates that want to get their lips wet on the intricacies of the staffing business. These programs provide the much needed experiences and skills to a person that will be helpful in transitioning to higher and more professional rank in the staffing industry. At the same time, employment agencies offer these programs to fill up their manpower needs fast and cost-effectively. If you are eyeing an initial sampling of what it is like to work in a fast-paced staffing business, then your best bet is to apply for internship. Here are some of the details on how to do it.

College resources. Typically, most employment agencies with an internship program will only accept interns at the college level. If you are a college student and want to find a good internship program focusing on human resources and manpower recruitment, then your best bet is to check on the various college resources that can point you in the right direction. Ask your professors and academic advisors if they can recommend any internship program from an employment agency. It is highly likely that they will have some contacts in the staffing business where they can send you. Another option would be to check at the annual job fairs in your school since the chances of an employment agency recruiting at the fair is highly probably. You can check the campus’ college career services department or the bulletin board for any internship programs available as well.

Internet. The Internet is probably the most useful resource in terms of job hunting and internship program searching. To utilize its seemingly endless database, log on to the Internet and do a quick Google search with the keywords “employment agency” and you should garner thousands of hits directing you to the company websites of the various employment agencies around. Other hits will probably be online directories that list down all the employment agencies and their contact details.

Websites. As you complete your Google search, browse through the different company websites that your search provided and look around for any signs of internship programs offered. Normally, most of these websites will have a “manpower” or “jobs” page that you can click and direct you to a new page where all of their job or internship opportunities will be listed. Peruse through it and click those opportunities that interest you. After a few hours, you should already have a good list of internship programs available. Contact them via email or phone and inquire about their internship programs. If you sent an email, you may want to include your resume and a cover letter as well. Some sites will have an inquiry submission application embedded on their website so use that to send an electronic inquiry.

Cold calls. Get a phone book and locate the numbers of the various employment agencies in your locality. Call them up and simply inquire if they are willing to take in interns or trainees.

Normally, an internship means that you will be working for free with only the experiences and skills garnered as compensation. However, some internship programs will provide some sort of financial compensation such as allowances or stipends. Nevertheless, money should not be your priority. The reason for being an intern should be primarily to learn more about the business and hone your skills in it.


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