How To Find Aviation Consultant Jobs

For as long as you have the proper training and experience in aviation, particularly in air traffic control and monitoring, then you can definitely vie for an aviation consultancy job. There are many available jobs for the taking provided that you are able to find them. Yes, if you don’t know where to look, you may find searching for these types of consultancy contracts a challenge. Not to worry though, here are some tips on how you can scout and apply for these consultancy jobs.

  • Get trained and certified. Before you go off searching for your dream consultancy job in aviation, you might want to evaluate where you are at career wise. Technically, these jobs have pretty stiff qualifications such as several years of experience in aviation, particularly in air traffic control and airport management, and certification from the FAA, the governing body for aviation in the US. If you have these credentials, then you will definitely have a better chance landing a job than many of the other candidates vying for the contract. To increase your stature in this industry, you can take further studies or take on more work at the lower bowels of aviation.
  • Be a consultant. Your efforts of finding an aviation consultancy job can become much easier by simply applying at the larger aviation consultancy companies and agencies. These companies, similar to SH&E, already have large contracts with the major airports and airlines all around the country. These contracts involve fielding various consultants into the many departments within the airport’s management with the objective of improving operations as a whole. The good thing about this option is that most of these large consultancy contractors are always looking for new and experienced talents. Hence, if you send in your application and your credentials are up to par, they will hire you.
  • Search online. Aviation jobs can be found by the thousands online. You merely have to know where to look. Well, you can actually Google it but you might want to sidestep that part and go directly to the source. For instance, these 2 sites, and are pretty much the gold standards when it comes to online aviation job searches since they are highly dedicated to the industry. This being said, search these two sites regularly and apply for the jobs that pique your interest. Make sure to peruse the qualifications of each job prior to applying and only apply for those you are more than qualified for.
  • Start up a consultancy business. Why apply for a job when you can easily start up your own business and get the large contracts yourself. Well, it is easier said than done but it is definitely a possibility. Should you decide on this course, know that you will want to check on the various aviation publications to check for bidding and contracts advertised. These are the contracts you will want to obtain in order to field the consultants you will be hiring. With so many other businesses to compete with, you may want to focus and excel in a niche service instead of making your consulting business broad.

These are the best ways to set your sights high for aviation consulting jobs. If the going gets tough though, you may want to consider hiring a headhunter to market you all over the industry. This is very effective especially if the headhunter you hire is well connected in the aviation industry.


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