How To Find Bioengineering Jobs

If you are interested in taking up a bioengineering career, you can find jobs in many places--in companies, hospitals, laboratories, universities and others.  To make your search easier, make use of various tools that are made specifically to help you find a job:

  • Internet searches.  There are lots of bioengineering jobs posted on the Internet, and all you have to do is enter a few keywords to reach them.  Just type ‘bioengineering jobs' into your Internet search engine, and then you will be presented with thousands of results to choose from.  To simplify your list, you could add the name of the company you wouid like to work in, the location of your place of work and also the position that you would like to apply for.
  • Job search websites.  There are websites where you could search for a particular bioengineering job.  You could also choose the company and the place where you would work.   When you submit a resume, be sure that your resume will be read, because a lot of people apply online.   Know the qualities that employers look for in an applicant.  These may be descriptions or short phrases such as ‘meticulous to detail' or ‘works well even under pressure.'  These may also be qualifications, so know what their standards are and be sure that you are qualified for the job.  Write your qualifications, experiences and achievements on your resume.  Employers may make use of computer programs that search for specific keywords in resumes to make choosing employees easier.
  • Job fairs.  Job fairs are meetings between employers and those who seek jobs.  You would be asked to pass a resume, be interviewed, or exchange business cards, and they may be hiring employees on the spot.  Find out if there are job fairs within your area and go to them.  There are also job fairs online, so be sure to check the Internet every now and then. 
  • Classifieds.  Take a look in classified ads for bioengineering jobs.  These could be found online or in newspapers.  In Internet versions, you could sign up for a service that will send you an email whenever a bioengineering job that meets your preferences and qualifications becomes available.  If you're looking in newspapers, you might have to check daily, so that you won't miss out on a job opportunity.
  • Directories.  Check the yellow pages or online directories for companies where you could apply for bioengineering jobs.  Call them up or visit them in person to inquire whether there are available positions and whether they are currently hiring employees.  Keep calling as many as possible so that you will increase your chance of being hired.
  • Networking.  Whenever you meet other people, ask if they are offering bioengineering jobs or if they know someone or a company who does.  A lot of people are employed because of asking around for jobs.  If you don't have calling cards yet, make a batch so that you could hand these out to friends who can recommend you to employers or to employers who want to contact you for a future interview.

Finding a job in bioengineering is easy as long as you meet the qualifications that are being asked for in the position you would take.  Happy hunting!


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