How To Find Cable Installation Jobs

Cable installation jobs consist of doing work, such as installation of telecommunications cables, underground wire installations, antenna installations and other types of work that will allow consumers to get services from cable companies. Most cable installation jobs entail having to travel from location to location to service the customer's needs. This includes helping them with cable TV channel problems or fixing antenna cables for better reception.

Looking for these types of jobs is fairly easy. Use various resources around to see the latest job opportunities that deal with cable installation. Here are some suggestions on how to find jobs for cable installation:

  • Newspaper - Check the classified ads section of the local newspaper. This is where you will find jobs near your area. See if there are any job openings or positions that you can fill. Be sure to check the classified ads section regularly as some companies may advertise new openings or positions that need to be filled.
  • Internet - Another way to find cable installation jobs is by using the Internet. The Internet is a great source if you are looking for jobs both locally and internationally. You can also check the official Web sites of different cable companies to see if they are currently hiring. In some cases, it would be better if you call the company or hand in your application personally.

Here are some Web sites where you will find cable installation jobs in different locations:

  • Installing wiring in the home - This is a job search Web site where you can find a lot of jobs that deal with cable installation. Some of the job positions that are available here include Satellite Installation Technician, Cable Installation Network Technician, Cable Installation Supervisor, Central Office Equipment Installer and many more. You can also search by location if you want to try to work elsewhere.
  • - This is another search Web site where you can search for different job titles. Another good thing about this Web site is, you can look for jobs based on different categories. You can search jobs by salary, by title, by company or location. Some of the companies that are hiring people for cable installation jobs include Time Warner Cable, Cybercoders, Broadband Express and more.
  • - Thingamajob has a lot of job openings for cable installation. Some of the jobs that are open include Structured Cabling Technician, Installation Technician, Construction Manager and More. You can have jobs in California, Maryland, Florida, Texas and Virginia.

These are some of the places and Web sites where you will find jobs for cable installation. It is good to apply to different companies and see what benefits you will get by working for them. It is advisable to read about the background of the company so that you can learn what type of environment they have. These are only some of the Web sites on the Internet. You can search and visit more Web sites to see more choices for cable installation jobs.


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