How To Find Career Opportunities for a Biology Major

Laboratory experiment

The career opportunities for biology majors are varied. When the average person thinks of biology, the things that come to mind are dissected frogs, dissected worms and the strong odor of formaldehyde. Aside from medicine or research, you may assume that a biology degree doesn't provide many employment opportunities.

Contrary to belief, a biology major has numerous employment opportunities. Becoming a nurse or doctor is a very ambitious desire; however, a biology degree can be used to obtain other employment opportunities as well. Surprisingly, many of these of these careers solve numerous complex problems that we presently encounter on a daily basis.

Is there life on Mars? Almost everyone on Earth wants an answer to this question. Become an Astrobiologist and help provide the research that will finally answer this age old question. This is a great career opportunity for a biology major. Most Astrobiologists are employed by NASA. Astrobiology is a science that studies life's building blocks. From each block, we are able to determine how the universe was formed and how different life forms interact with one another. Quite naturally, you may not actually determine if there is life on Mars, but you will possess the right education to do so.

Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal use? This is a debate that has been brewing for many years. As a Bioethicist, you will help to determine whether marijuana has valid medicinal use. Bioethics is a science that studies the controversies that exists due to the advancement of medicine and biology. Usually, there is a fine line between the application of medicine and its ethics. Bioethics is a wonderful career opportunity for a biology major.

Is he guilty or not guilty? Become a Forensic Scientist and produce the evidence that will answer this question. This is a popular career choice for biology majors. With the popularity of such shows as CSI Miami, many graduates are interested in forensic science. A Forensic Scientist analyzes evidence, reconstructs crime scenes, testifies in court and produces evidence reports in order to determine the outcome of ongoing crime investigations. This career is perfect for someone that likes to research and analyze material.

All in all, whether you want to become an Astrobiologist, a Bioethicist or a Forensic Scientists, there are many career opportunities for biology majors. Apply your analytical skills, get paid and help to improve the world all at the same time.


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