How To Find Community College Faculty Positions

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Finding openings for faculty positions can be difficult if you don’t have the right qualifications. There are various college faculty positions that you can fill, but you need to know what the requirements are so you can prepare yourself and be a qualified applicant when there is an opening. 

1. Faculty Positions

There are various faculty positions in a community college that you can consider filling if you are qualified. Depending on the location of the community college, some faculty positions will be prioritized more than others. There are faculty positions for vocational nursing instructor, respiratory care instructor, biology instructor, instructor of economics, English instructor, earth science instructor, sociology instructor, radiography instructor, biology instructor and anthropology instructor just to list a few. The list is a long one, so be sure to go through each catalog you gather from community colleges.

2. Preparation

You should prepare yourself for a teaching job by taking up educational courses and a teacher training course. Getting the necessary requirements like accreditation and certification is also important. Community colleges will require this from faculty applicants among other job requirements.

Teaching part time will also give you some experience, although the pay won’t be as good as teaching full time. There are also benefits as part time teachers, such as better chances of getting hired, as there are more open positions for part time teachers than full time positions. Part time teachers will have the option of moving to a different position once the position they hold does not work out. Even as a student you can get part time teaching jobs as assistant teachers. The experience you gain will help you improve your skills as a teacher.

Learn what you can about the school and the position you want to apply for. Research the responsibilities of the position you want to fill and what the school expects from their faculty members. Review the school’s mission statement so you can answer questions about how you’ll fit in and help the school attain its objectives.

3. Locate Community Colleges

Find community colleges through the internet and local government offices. You can also ask friends if they know of any in the area, but you should also consider other locations if there are openings. Don’t limit yourself to your immediate area, so you can take advantage of teaching opportunities anywhere. List the community colleges you can visit and observe their usual activities. You can interview faculty members about how they feel about teaching at that school and ask how they got a faculty position at that college.
Location is often a limiting factor for any kind of employment. If you are not particular about where the community college is located, then you will have more faculty position openings to consider.  You can even consider positions with online universities, once you've obtained all of the necessary credentials.


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