How To Find Company Information

If you're considering a job change, it's important to know about potential employers before you go into an interview. Stand out in an interview by impressing potential employers with your knowledge about their company. Here are some tips on finding company information.

Step 1

Keep up with the news. You can find out a lot about a company by keeping up with the news. Listen to the radio, watch the evening news and read the newspaper (both local and national) daily to educate yourself on the industry and any companies you're considering working for. Employers will appreciate your efforts to keep with the times and remain current on industry issues.

Step 2

Read Securities and Exchange commission documents. If you're looking for company information on a publicly-held company, you can go through the documents filed with the Securities and Exchange commission. Here you can find annual financial reports and other interest facts about the company. Keep in mind that these reports are meant for shareholders, so information might have a positive edge to it to make the company remain appealing to shareholders. But it is a place to start when looking for company information.

Step 3

Research a company's 10-Q. You can also learn about a company by reading its 10-Q. This is a quarterly report that is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. There is a bit of a gap between the end of a quarter and the release of the 10-Q, but you should be able to access these documents from previous years. (You might also be interested in reading a company's 10-K, found in the same place.)

Step 4

Check out the company website. Another informative place to learn about a company is their company website. Browse the website current events, product information and even job openings. It may also give you a better idea of the way the company works so that you'll be able to go into the interview with a better understanding of the company.

Step 5

Look for press releases. Most companies will put out press releases when they want to present information to the media. These are made public, so they shouldn't be hard to come by. Keep in mind that since the company has released this information to the public, it may be a glazed-over version of the real truth. Take each press release with a grain of salt. They're good resources for learning about companies, but they shouldn't be your only resource.

Step 6

Read professional journals. Also read business directories and professional journals or publications to find information on specific companies. Business journals, industry journals and professional journals are all great sources for getting company information. Check with professional organization and online directories to find journals and other information on specific companies. The more information you can retrieve about a company, the more you'll be able to impress your potential employer.


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