How To Find Construction Jobs Overseas

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More people nowadays prefer to work overseas because of higher compensation. If you are in the architectural or engineering field, you can work for construction companies abroad. Construction companies are responsible for building or putting up infrastructures. There are three types of construction: building, heavy or civil, and industrial. Job positions in the construction business are skilled or unskilled laborers, architects, civil engineers, building services engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors, and structural engineers. Whichever position you are interested in, here are some tips on how to find construction jobs overseas.

  1. Ask around - Ask your friends or colleagues if they are aware of any job openings overseas. It is a possibility that one of them has a contact in an international company that they could refer you to.
  2. Newspaper ads - Buy newspapers and check the classified ads page. Most companies post job openings on local newspapers. Look for architecture jobs, engineering jobs, carpenter jobs, or companies that are looking for workers to install pipelines. There are also periodicals that are published purposely for ad posting.
  3. Employment agencies - Pass your resumes to employment agencies or recruitment firms. They will take care of matching your skills to available jobs. Aspiring overseas workers often resort to employment agencies. Often times, they require a placement fee for you to pay in order for them to look for a job for you. These fees are commonly collected for overseas jobs. Some of the top employment agencies in the United States are Hudson, Kforce Professional Staffing, 9008 Group Inc. (located in Torrance, California), Westaff (located in Santa Barbara, California), and Heidreick&Struggles.
  4. Search online - Search online for job websites. Examples of such sites are JobCentral, Jobsite and Jobserve. You just need to create your profile, fill out their information sheet or upload your resume. You can then start browsing for construction jobs overseas. Often times, job websites have tools that will automatically match your qualifications and skills to available jobs. If you choose to apply for a certain position, they will forward your information and resume to the employer. There are times when the company behind the job website will be the ones to conduct the interview for the employers, or sometimes, the employers will contact you directly. You can also find finance jobs, nursing jobs, or retail jobs on this kind of website. Also look online for companies that directly recruit through their own website.
  5. Visit your prospective country - If it is possible for you to visit the country where you're looking to work at, look around for commercial construction companies or general contractors that have available construction jobs. Most of the time, these companies will even help you get a working visa.

Information for construction jobs overseas is available through many ways so take advantage of it as construction jobs are usually in high demand. The easiest and cheapest way to do it would probably be searching online or having someone you know refer you for the position.


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