How To Find Contract Recruiter Jobs

A contract recruiter is a person hired by a company when mass hiring is needed. The contract recruiter is in charged of scheduling, screening and communicating with potential employees of the company. For you to qualify for a contract recruiter career, you must have a degree related to client services, know how to use Word and Excel as you will be dealing with a lot of data, and have good conversational skills and excellent writing skills.

Here are the steps on how you can find contract recruiter jobs:

  • Local newspaper. One way you can look for a contact recruiter job is by checking your local newspaper’s classified ads or jobs section. You will most likely find a company hiring contract recruiters near your area. Be sure to check the newspaper regularly, as there may be new job positions available.
  • Call companies. If you have a certain company that you want to work for, you can research their contact number and see if they are currently hiring for the job position that you want. Some companies accept resumes even if they are not hiring. This way, they can contact possible employees when a job position opens.
  • Online job sites. Another alternative is by using the Internet. Some of the websites where you will find contract recruiter positions for different companies are, and All you have to do is to search the jobs by salary scale, by location or by company. You will surely find some companies where you will want to apply. Another thing you can do is to sign up to receive their newsletter and be alerted when new jobs are posted.
  • Door to door. One thing you can do to find contract positions in companies is by going door to door. Bring plenty copies of your resume and go to different companies that you want to apply with. In most cases, you will just have to leave your resume. Do not lose hope if you are not contacted by the company immediately. Some companies take weeks before they call someone.
  • Employment agencies. Go to an employment agency and see if they can help you in finding a corporate recruiter position. You have to register for these types of agencies, but they can provide some of the best jobs that you can get.

These are some tips on how you can find contract recruiter jobs. You can check these websites regularly so that you can see if there are any new contract placement jobs that you can apply for. You can also sign up on other job search websites so that they can contact you whenever there are new positions open for the job that you are looking for.

Before applying for a contract recruiter job, make sure that you have an impressive resume that will back up your application. If you are a fresh graduate, it is better to have several years of work experience in client services first before you apply for the job position of a contract recruiter.


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