How To Find Contract Work

Contract work, much like a contract job, temporary work, sample work, project-based or a freelance contract job is an example of a nonstandard employment relation. Just like part-time work, temporary help agencies, short-term contingent jobs, and independent contracting, contract work has become steadily common in recent years. Since the job is contract based, companies are not obliged to provide contract employees company benefits, bonuses, and fringe benefits. Termination of a contract within the contract period is also common, especially for companies experiencing the effect of economic downtimes.

While permanent or regular jobs are preferred by job seekers because of the company benefits and bonuses, some people prefer contract jobs because they have control over their time, their schedules are flexible, and they can do several jobs all at the same time.

Here are some easy steps on how to find contract work that will work for you. Once you are familiar with the method, it will only require a little time, some email and phone communications.

  1. Research om the Internet and look for web, advertising, writing, or research firms in your area. Once you have that list, you now have to write a cover letter and email it to the company. Wait for their reply or follow up in a few days with another email or a phone call.
  2. Prepare yourself for an interview. Since contract employment is common these days, you will have a lot of competitors too. Keep in mind that there are companies who might just give you an opportunity to earn big bucks and you have to be able to sell yourself and effectively communicate to them that you are the one that they are looking for!
  3. Do a research on the companies on your list. Know their business and know their clients. Do not go to an interview empty handed. Knowing the company you are applying for is important. This will let you know if the company has a job for you and if it is a likely source of work and income. By reading through the company website and public forums about them, you will know more about how they operate, and how they treat the people who work for them.
  4. How much do you want to work for them? Prioritize the companies you like. This is very subjective and may be based on who their clients are, their location, standing, or how they relate to employees especially contract workers.
  5. Contact each company who made it on top of your list. You can find their contact information in their website or in the directory. Make sure to put in writing who you’ve called, what was said, and other details such as interview date or contract signing. Be sure to follow up when needed.

As you communicate with the companies on your list, you will actually have a feel of who are likely to get your service. Be patient. Sometimes, finding the best contract job for you will require several exchanges of messages, calls, or emails. Always make sure that you get to talk to the right person so as not to waste time.

Good luck in finding a contract job!


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