How To Find Entertainment Internships

If you want to work in the entertainment industry, you might want to consider taking an entertainment internship first. You'll gain valuable experience and you might just get your foot in the door at an otherwise impossible-to-get-hired-at company. This guide will help you to find entertainment internships and start you on your way to having your name in lights.

Step 1

Check out One of the first places to look for great entertainment internships is on this website. This is a resource that is free to access. Here you'll find hundreds of backstage or behind-the-scene jobs in the entertainment industry. You may find an internship in production, theatre, stage work or managing, props, audio, lighting or scenery, to name a few. You'll even notice a link to last minute jobs and internships. Peruse the website to see what entertainment internships are available to you.

Step 2

Try Another place you should definitely check out for entertainment internships is Artslynx. This is an online directory of international jobs and internships. There are positions available in dance, theatre, visual arts, music, film, writing and general employment. Pay close attention to the general resources area. You may be required to join this site before gaining access but it is worth having a look if you're interested in an entertainment internship.

Step 3

Visit You should also visit It's got a listing of jobs and internships available with all the best companies like Disney, Fox, Universal, Sony and Warner Brothers. There are always several internship postings, and you can even search for jobs by company. It's a must for those looking for an internship.

Step 4

Look at The Theater Communications Group (TCG) is another great website to check out for entertainment internships. They post job listings as well. Most are for theatrical work, but you can usually get a list of current and upcoming internships available.

Step 5

Subscribe to One other place to score an entertainment internship is through The Actor Site. This is yet another free resource that provides information on how actors (young, old, new or experienced) can build their careers. There are free casting notices posted, and you can also join an email list to get updates. The site mentions internships and jobs mostly in the Los Angeles area, so if you're close to there, be sure to read up on the opportunities for commercials, improve sessions and classes being offered. Getting experience or training in any of these areas will improve your chances of winning an entertainment internship.

The internet isn't the only place you should look for entertainment internships. Talk to local studios about upcoming positions. Volunteer if you can. Read newspapers to look for job openings. Any way you can gain experience in the entertainment industry will improve your chances of getting an entertainment internship.


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