How To Find Gold Mining Jobs in Nevada

The state of Nevada has a healthy mining industry.  Natural resources like gold, silver, copper, diatomite, barite, lime, and more are found in the state.  Nevada is best known for its production of gold and silver.  More than 80% of US gold are mined in the rural areas of Nevada.  The state ranks third in gold mining with South Africa and Australia as top two. 

Gold has many applications.  Not only is it used to make coins, medallions and jewelry, gold is also found in electronic equipment (compact discs, cameras, televisions, computers and telephones).   It is likewise used in medicine and dentistry. 

There are roughly 20 active gold mines in Nevada controlled by about 10 mining companies.  These gold mines are found in the following counties:

  • White Pine
  • Lander
  • Eureka
  • Churchill
  • Pershing
  • Elko
  • Humboldt
  • Esmeralda

There are approximately 14,000 employees working in Nevada mines.  If you are looking for jobs in gold mining production in this state, here are some suggestions on finding one.  You can do a basic search using your browser's search engine.  Simply type "Nevada gold mining jobs" and you're good to go.  Visit the sites that are of interest to you.  Otherwise, check out these mining companies and job posting sites:

  1. - Barrick Gold Corporation is one of the leading global mining companies that operate in Nevada.  According to their website, in 2010 they will be hiring many people in different locations all over the world (including North America).  They hire both students and professionals.  You can find jobs in the field of engineering, construction, metallurgy, geology and other mining related professions.  There are also available office jobs in their firm.  Just click on "Careers" in their home page to begin your search.
  2. - another big player in gold mining is Newmont Mining Corporation.  Founded in 1916, Newmont's presence is felt not only in the United States but in other places around the world.  To find a job in Newmont, just click "Join our team" to find professional as well as student opportunities.  Enter the appropriate keywords, job field and location to check out job postings.
  3. - "One search. All jobs." is the motto of this job posting site.  All you need to do is specify the "What" (job title, keywords or company name) and the "Where" (city, state or zip code) then click "Find Jobs."  It's as easy as 1-2-3.
  4. - Mining  - Recruiting Nevada can hook you up to possible jobs in the gold mining industry.  Register for free and Recruiting Nevada will match you to possible mining jobs.
  5. - can connect you to prospective employers in different industries including gold mining.  Type the job title or keywords under the "what?" and the city, state, or zip in the "where?" headings found on the right side of the homepage then click "Find Jobs."
  6. - enter the specific Job Title, Skill/Keywords and Location to locate jobs in the Nevada gold mining industry to begin you search.   You can see the location of the job using the Map feature or find out the approximate Salary for a specific job posting.
  7. -  simply register and post your resume then start looking for gold mining jobs in Nevada.

The gold mining industry has remained one of the strongest employers amidst the recession.  If you want to find a job in gold mining, just visit the sites above.  You can surely find one that matches your skills and technical know-how.


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